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any ideas on what i could have

well i have suffered from symptoms starting from freshman year in high school.  i am currently finishing my last week of junior year.  this year i suffered from tachacardia  although i did not go to the doctors until two days later.  it is hard to convince my parents that something is wrong but i do keep alot to myself.  

- i have almost blacked out 5 times in the last 3 years,
-  i have ringing in my ears alot,
- very bad eyesight but i do not think that is related,
- i also lost 12 pounds in a week in a half this year and don't know why, i soon went into tachyacarida (sorry about my spelling) a week later.  
- dizzyness all the time
- headaches
- feeling flushed like i ran a marathon but with no swet
- and hard heart palpatations

the thing that really gets me is my twiching.  last year i would twich, well muscle spasms, like getting reflex testing done or my eye twiches and many other places, all the time.  during a class i started to keep count.  i had 50 twiches in ONE HOUR and this result would change to 40 the next but still in high numbers.  my twiches have gone down to maybe 20-25 a day but it has been a year.

i have had tests done for my heart but nothing was out of the ordinary. blood tests ekg's and a holster monitor.

i am 17 142 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches
if you have any ideas i would be greatful.
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How is your sleeping? How is your apetite? Have you actually ever passed out?

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i have a tendency to be tired alot or i can't fall asleep at night. i have taken melatonen to regulate my sleep for one week but it didn't help at all.  and have a normal apetite unless i have a headache.  sorry i forgot about my sleeping stuff. and no i have never passed out but it gets to the point where the blakcness encircles my sight and i have to close my eyes to focus and hold my head up
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Your symptoms are consistant with anxiety/stress. Not saying that this is what you have for sure, just that all of your symptoms tie in, not to mention your age.

It's great your heart tested out ok. Believe it is a good strong healthy heart and visit the anxiety forum to see if you identify with the others there.

If you ever actually faint you must see a doctor. Even if you have to hold a wall to be steady, see a doctor. Anxiety dizziness is more a feeling like falling backwards or a momentary wooshing feeling or a feeling like you are on a boat the whole time.

Good luck.
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