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Huge Fluctuation on Pulse Rate (Heart Beat), Low SPO2 (oxygen), anxiety

Hello everyone. Thank you in advance. I am writing some issues of my friend. Please go through all of this.

"I have been suffering from anxiety and panic issues.
Recently, I have been experiencing huge fluctuation in my heart rate/Pulse rate for a few months. It goes to very low (eg 32) and after sometimes it can go to very high (eg. 130), ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM ALONE. Mostly I experience these in the second half of the day, say after 2-3 pm, and most occurrences are during the evening or night. I kind of feel It myself. When the pulse rate goes very LOW, I can feel heaviness in my heart area, while I can feel heart beating myself when the PR goes high.

Further, when I am feeling scared/anxious, my SPO2 also goes below 90 , even up to 80. I am not sure, if the anxiety is leading the SPO2 to drop like that or it is the other way around? But I think its the anxiety which leads to dropping of my SPO2.

Are all there interlinked? Anxiety/Heart Rate/SPO2 ??

So, i fear of beaig alone as well, as i might faint or something like that. I fear of walking the stairs as well because of this.

I had had depression for some years in the past. I was somehow past it, but I fear it might have relapsed again, as I have many stresses in my life, mostly about my future, which I cant prevent to think about. This is troubling me in my daily life very much and I cant do my regular stuffs also, as I am always in fear and stress.

Pleaes help."
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