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blockage control by diet?

Anyone tried to go vegan or vegetarian to control the progression of blockage?

And if so were you successful?   or not?
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As you know, there are obviously risk factors to be removed or reduced in order to get atherosclerosis under control. I do remember watching a fantastic documentary about 4 years ago where 12 volunteers were chosen. The 12 volunteers had a mixture of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and weight issues. Some were pretty well up on the scale. They were put into an empty ape enclosure and had to live in tents. Each day, they were brought containers of washed, but uncooked chopped fruits, vegetables and nuts. Water was the only drink allowed. Every day, blood samples were taken from the individuals for analysis. The experiment went on for 2 weeks.
At the end of the 2 weeks, everyone had normal cholesterol, normal blood pressure and everyone felt much fitter. They were all offered a bacon butty at the end, or a bowl of fruit. They all took the fruit, even tho the bacon smelled yummy. Personally, I think that a vegan diet is great, it offers everything for a healthy circulatory system.
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with respect, I asked a specific question about something totally different.  I think most people here know the risk factors you wrote of.  
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