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I had a stress test and echocardiogram yesterday because I haven't been feeling good for months (nausea, dizziness, weakness, headache..)
My doctor says my heart looks healthy other than having a fast heart rate (resting 112-stress test up to 188) and some extra beats here and there.
He prescribed metoprolol to take only on an as needed basis since i don't need it every day.
My question is, is it ok to take on an as needed basis? Per the instructions that came with the prescription it says to take exactly as directed (which is daily) because of serious side effects (heart attack, stroke). it's basically just to help calm down my heart rate.  the bottle says "take or use exactly as directed. do not skip doses or discontinue"
so now i'm nervous to use it if i feel that i need it.

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Metoprolol is in a group of drugs called beta-blockers. Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins). Metoprolol is used to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension (high blood pressure). It is also used to treat or prevent heart attack.

It seems to me if you have high blood pressure the medication should be taken regularily and not as needed. I don't know the effect it has on chest pain. I take a high blood pressure medication regularily, and a nitrate (slow acting) or nitro (fast acting), and I take as needed for angina.

A beta blocker can help maintain a regular heartbeat within normal range.  There may be some misunderstanding because treating high blood pressure is an on going therapy and not as needed.  Apparently, your doctor believes your medical condition is due to anxiety and take the medication from that perspective.  

I agree with the advice by the drug manufacturer, if there is high blood pressure to manage.  Ttreating anxiety can be take a medication as needed. You may want to get verification of the advise given to you by your doctor.

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Thanks for sharing your experience on the heart forum, and I wish you well going forward.


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Very good question. In my understanding it is a rare case, but if your doctors order it you can do that.

  Also I’ve read that many musicians were admitting it they take beta blockers occasionally because performance anxiety.
If you fallow what your doctor tells ok for you, then you will be fine.
Good luck!
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Thanks guys, I don't have high blood pressure at all. i just have a fast heart rate. my blood pressure is usually around 102/85 and i've always had a normal or low reading. I have a ton of palps and skipped beats so he prescribed the beta blocker for days where it's bad i'm guessing just to help calm me down.  

I still however can not get rid of this headache every time i get up to walk around.
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