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i have had a pain in my left arm for four days now and its realli startin to worri me
also i have bin gettin a light pain in the left side of my chest and also increased heart rate
could u make a suggestion on what this could be?
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Only a doctor can determine for sure what's happening. Not all arm pain or chest pain is heart related. It could easily be a pinched nerve or muscle pain that's radiating further. And pain will increase heart rate. To my knowledge (which is limited) I don't think a heart attack usually goes on for days.
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I have had the same symptoms this week as well.  A "tinge" on top part of left chest and a numb feeling in my upper left arm.  I have had this before about a year ago.  Just had an EKG, chest X-ray from front and left side, "clean x-rays", normal BP and pulse.  Having a stress test on Wednesday.  I agree, I think it is a pinched nerve or something around the chest/arm pit area.  Doc said, maybe shingles but I don't believe it.
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