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rapidly changing blood pressure

I have been diagnosed with afib. Lately, I have palpitations and my blood pressure and pulse change drastically within
seconds. My notes for today read:
morning afternoon      eve
Sys Dias Pls Sys Dias Pls Sys Dias Pls

124 84 94 122 80 94 102 74 80
1-Dec irreg h/b started about 11 hrs from med. Pattern? After am pill 135/88/98. Felt irreg h/b in pm. In eve, slow h/b.
why? then 140/93/109. but had to urinate. Then 113/74/77. short of  breath. 106/73/81

Any idea what's going on? This scares me.
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It is difficult to assess what is going on with just your bp and heart rate.  To try and evaluate a situation just based on one or so  readings that is inconsistant with other readings my not be very informative and probably meaningless.  Your general readings are very good.

You may be hypervigilant causing some anxiety that would explain your signs and symptoms.  Worst case scenario isn't anything to be overly concerned about.  There is no consistency to indicate a medical problem.

Thanks for your question, take care.

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Hi --
Thank you for responding. You may be correct. Happy holidays.
Best, David
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