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stress test recommendations

I had asked this question before, but never really god an answer and I haven't done this yet so I wanted to see what the proper medical opinion was.
I'm 35, have a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart palpitations (I'm on medicine for all three). I'm considering taking a scuba diving class and I've seen various recommendations stating a person with a history of heart disease MAY have to have a stress test before scuba diving. I'm wondering if I should have one before I take this class. I had a stress test over two years ago and it was fine then, and I wasn't sure how often the test should be repeated if normal or if I should have one before diving? I'm also interested in knowing in general how often should I ask my doctor for an EKG and a stress test? Is either something I should have done yearly, given my history and age? Thank you.
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My brother is an instructor class in scuba diving and we have a family history of heart disease, but as yet he is unaffected, apart from high blood pressure, which he takes medication for. I believe the club should instruct you what to do. He had to obtain a medical certificate from his Doctor to state he was fit for diving. Without the letter, he could take no lessons, let alone diving exams. I know in some spanish resorts etc, they let you pay a few euros and out you go, but these are not following strict regulations.
My brother has to get a medical every year from his Doctor to keep his licence.
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