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stress test

My nuclear stress test results were as follows ver batim. I do not know what it means, are the results acceptable, good very good etc. What does this say about the blood flow to the heart muscle ?
"injection of Myoview nuclear tracer & resting images obtained excercised on a treadmill for 5 min 34 sec. to 10.1 Met workload achieving 95% age predicted max heart rate with a double product of 21600 injected with Muoview @ 85% age predicted max heart rate and excercise cont for 1 minute beyond that teat limited by fatique and short of breath."
No changes noted Normal sinus rythym w/o ectopy BP unremarkable No ST segment changes
P.S I am 51 never had ab MI
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No ST segment changes indicates there is no induced ischemia (lack of blood flow) to heart muscles with exertion.  10 METs is good...for a reference a well conditioned athlete can sustain 15 METs or better.  It requires 5 METs to meet ordinary living conditions without chest pain and shortness of breath.  That is the Bruce protocol.

With Bruce Protocol speed and elevation changes are made at 3 minute intervals. Obviously you didn't have that procedure to measure condition as 5 min 34 sec would definately not get to 10.1 METs.

You may have had the Balke 15 minute test run...start at 3.3 mph with an even elevation, then after 1 minute raise the elevation 2%, and every minute thereafter raise 1%.  I can tell you I'm not able to reach 10.1 without fatigue and chest pain.  I am able to do 7 METs for a half hour without a problem...sometimes I need nitro.
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