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which procedure should be the best to go - angioplasty or bypass surgery?

My dad is aged 59 years,he is facing difficulty while walking.
2D echo was abnormal
troponin i value is 0.16 ng/ml undergone angiogram.

Angio report :

Approach right radial

Left Main Coronary Artery: Normal,Distal 50% Stenosis

Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery:type III,ostial tight Stenosis

Diagonals: Normal

Dominant proximal mild plaquing present

left pda distal diffuse disease

RCA: Non- Dominant Normal

please suggest the criticality and which process is best?would it be good to go with medicines which can cure or need a immediate surgery?
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Please remember that we're not doctors and are not really qualified to recommend a procedure. Having said that, conventional medical protocol is to treat blockages surgically when they reach 70%, I don't read that in your father's report. What does his cardiologist recommend?
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Cardiologist is recommending a bypass surgery
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I agree with Erijon... I used to work as a medical professional ( not comfortable disclosing).  However, it is really up to you and the surgeons.  You should weigh out the benefits vs possible complications.

I encourage more than one cardiologists appointment.

You should see several from both a medical and surgical perspective.
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Thanks!! I will get more cardiologists and i will stick to a single opinion which is better.
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