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A fib

whats the most common age for a fib?

say a patient was in a fibrillation, would they know abit it? or could they crack on with w.e they were doing?
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You would definitely know if you were in A-fib

Afib is rare before the age of 50, more common at 60 and very common at 75+
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thnks for the reply.

only reason i ask is when i was in hospital for a couple nights with an infection the guy next to me was in for acute chest pain and arrythmia. i heard the Dr say she was going to need to shock him if his heart didnt restore. he was 34 lol! was relatively calm and just seemed tired and annoyed that his rhythm was all over the place. i wish i could be that relaxed when it came to the ticker
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He may have consumed a lot of alcohol.  Happened to a friend of mine, drank himself into afib.  They converted him and hasn't happened again in 10 years.
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I am in permanent afib, don't recall any association with use of alcohol, before or after the condition was detected at about the age of 50, an age at which I was active including running for exercise.  I have had periods of normal sinus rhythm over the years but not for the past 8 years.  I am basically unaware of the condition until I try and so exercise beyond just walking around, not climbing stairs.
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in response to your comment -

im not sure on his specific cause, just i overheard his age and abit of the conversation. he didnt seem worried really. just annoyed lol! but in relation to alcohol, i believe your right. it falls into holiday heart syndrome. and some reports say youngsters can go into a fib from it aswell. thats why i wondered if someone would know if they were in a-fib, as you dont hear of that many 20 odd year olds in a n e after a heavy weekend. most of my friends have a drink saturday and friday and dont recall any abnormal heart activity.
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