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Anxiety? Nervous?

How can I be nervous about going to see a new cardiologist/EP this Friday? I've switched dr's before and never felt like this until this wknd, I even had a nightmare last night ugh WTH is wrong with me?  my dr prescribed Vicodin for my spinal problems, so maybe that's it? anyone had this happen?
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It happens even to the best of us Lisa :)

Good luck on Friday xxx
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thanks =)  I thought maybe it was a side effect of Vicodin.  I don't know why I'm nervous or anxious I've been to a hundred or more dr's appts in the past 2 years.
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Hang in there, you'll do/be fine.

I don't have the anxiety problem, but can say my mental state has shifted from one of hopeful to one of acceptance.  The best I seem to be able to hope for is to not get worse.  I think my cardiologist has a "monitor only" note on my examination file.
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thank you, that helps too - I just need to shift my mental state to acceptance; maybe that's what's wrong I STILL don't want to believe anything is wrong with me...

I think I'm finally at the brink where I need help from a professional; nightmares had gone away and now they're back so I'm going to see a psych dr.

what does monitor only mean? I haven't heard that before
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I am now anxious when I go to any Dr. I think its from getting no answers time after time. Yes I have diagnosis but then they drop the ball. It makes me feel lost and therefore anxious.
I am guessing monitor only might mean Dr just watches u and thats it. That's kind of how I feel about my drs. They just sit back and watch and wait while I suffer.
Good luck at your new drs. My good thoughts are with u.
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I feel like that...sit back and watch while I suffer and all but one dr has put their hands on their heads and ALL do this - hummmmm...looking blankly at me when I start asking questions! ugh why can't we all just have doctors who understand and treat us like we don't have pea brains hehehe

I didn't feel anxious about going to my new pcp and overwhelming her with all my stuff, but after I started taking Vicodin Friday I started feeling like I wanted to put it off and had nightmares last night...I already know the bad stuff so what's going on with my head..maybe a side effect of Vicodin? I'm going to ask when I go; or is it my subconscious making me anxious about the appt...maybe I'm really more scared than I think I am... I woke up in the middle of the dream heart beating out of my chest, not able to breathe and in a panic state.
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