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Anyone been dx's with Sino Atrial Node Dysfunction?

Hi, I was just diagnosed with sino atrial node dysfunction.  Apparently there is no cure for the swings in my heart rate including the SVT's/Sinus tachycardia that I get often and the too low pulses I get more infrequently... and the very high to very low BP's that come with it.  They say there is no cure except with Medications, and life style treatment...like I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and occasional panic attacks...I have a lot of problems with mornings and sleeping with my pulse spiking.  Anyone diagnosed with this and what was their course of treatment and outcomes.  I was told ablasion was not an option since it is the node miss-firing.  I am having trouble with beta blockers (see my post on Bystolic anyone?)  I have been on Verapamil since 1996 for the bouts... and it continued not to work anymore.  Help, I am afraid, suffering a lot and it seems there is no end.  Anyone been through this?  Thanks
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I was just recently diagnosed with Sino  Atrial Node Dysfunction in January.  I used to have brief episodes of racing fluttering heart rate with heaviness in my chest and difficulty breathing.  Back in 1996 the doctor diagnosed SVT (Severe Ventricular Tachycardia) but was not able to get a doctor to follow up.  

While in the Emergency Room last month they put me on medications to regulate my high pulse rate, and it apparently worked too well.  My pulse dropped from 120+ down to around 70.  Then it would drop to 50 and then stop suddenly, restarting on its own after a few seconds.  It's almost like sleep apnea where you stop breathing briefly and then start up again.

They put in a pace maker and have me on Cardizem CD 240mg/24 caps which I take one of each day.  My understanding is that the pacemaker will only kick in if my heart rate drops below 70 bpm. Now this doesn't mean that they don't have one that will shock your heart back into normal rhythm if it gets too high.

I'm only starting out on this journey and would also be interested in chatting with others who have had this.
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Have you discussed a pace maker with your doctor.  I believe the pace maker is a standard "cure" for dangerous (i.e., more than symptomatic cure) heart conditions involving some rhythm problems with the signal node.  I believe they try to keep some natural signal capability in the heart, but disable the node sufficiently for the pace maker to take over the timing of the HR.

I do not have any personal experience with a pace maker, but do have relatives and friends who have them installed with success.    
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