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Choices [kind of OT]

I wanted to share something with everyone because I am asked so often how I have dealt with over 50,000 pvc's, VT/Vtach and a slew of other things going on. It's all about chosing to deal and cope with our problems, no matter 10 or 50 thousands pvc's; malignant or benign; heart failure, heart disease or other things that life throws our way.

With anything in life we have choices - do we get up or do we stay in bed...each of those choices have a consequence. One may be a simple consequence - we're late for work or school, the other may be far resounding; we stay in bed and lose our job or miss an imporannt opportunity. We stay in bed why? we don't want to face the day, we stayed up too late, we don't want to cope or deal with things life throws us or we're sick with something that keeps us in bed - either way...we still have a choice (unless paralyzed I realize)

There are some choices we make that lead us down one path or another; whereas had we chosen differently our lives may have gone a different way or we would have had something or not had something that we don't now; for each and every choice; there's a consequence

Then, there are the things we have no control over; choices that are pushed upon us and we are helpless to do anything about and have to learn to deal/cope with them the best we can.

Take for instance - it's early morning, we're on our way to work, traffic is backed up there's a bridge ahead and no side roads to take to get out of the situation; what do we do?

If we look around  we see - some people are banging their heads or hands on the steering wheel or seat in frustration, others are yelling and giving the "signal" for everyone else to hurry up...then there are those of us who are watching the water flow under the bridge, looking at the morning dew on the flowers; looking at the grass and thinking how it glistens like crystals, listening to the quiet of the morning, watching the sun rise above the horizon and thinking what a beautiful sight it is.  We look forward across that bridge to see the break on the other side....

it's all about perception....
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A single word "wow"......................
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Great Post Lisa!
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Exactly, Lisa!  Well said.
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I think the new term for this kind of response to stress is "mindfulness." There are whole books written about this and it can be very helpful.
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thank you - I think part of being a community is sharing parts of ourselves...that was raw and written by me in the wee hours of this morning when I was having a down moment; trying to remind myself of what I've learned.... writing has always been theraputic for me.   - sorry for any typo's or things that don't quite make sense.

Ireneo, mindfulness? I'm going to google it... this is how I've survived my life and learned to cope at an early age - maybe it's not for everyone but it's helped me overcome some major obstacles...can you pm me what you mean and some books? I would love to read more; I still have SO much to learn about coping & dealing with life.

I read a book called Life's Wakeup Calls by Eric Allenbaugh as a young adult that helped me learn about life as an adult and helped me overcome mistakes of my past.
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Thanks for your great insights! Keep those posts coming...wee hours or not : )
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bumping this for the holidays...hopefully more will read this and like another post it will touch someone's life
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Great post, Lisa! And merry christmas :)
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If anyone is in the position to remind us is you Lisa!  Beautiful and comforting post, and it came just when needed.
Daily I try to practice mindfulness, but part of that is paying attention to every palp I get which then throws me into despair, unfortunately.  The trick for me to learn is to be mindful AND accepting.  What you describe in the traffic jam is mindfulness in full practice.
"The Power of Now" is a great, great book by Eckhart Tolle.  Buddhist philosophy, of course, is all based on mindfulness which is harnessed through meditation practice.
Some people do not need to read much to be aware and in the moment.  It just comes naturally and they have the inner knowing of appreciation of what life is really about.  Like you.
Others need constant reminders.  Happy Holidays to all!
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I didn't know what "mindfulness" was until  ireneo posted it...I started reading about it and found some very insightful things =)

happy holiday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all who celebrate =)
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