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Head on Collision

Hi all....just wanted to post to let you know for those of you that don't that i was hit in a head on collision on 4/8/11 and am the luckiest person on the earth and am sorry i haven't been on the site for about six weeks.  Tonite was the first time i could type and had tens of tens of messages on my pm board.  So the update is i was hit head on by an 83 yr. old man who lost control of his car at 65 mph on a curve when i was going 25mph...we were both cut out of our cars....for me a shattered left forearm with 12 long screws, a broken right foot and broken nose.  Will find out on the 18th of the arm cast can come off (i'm hoping) and that the bones fused together (again hoping)....the foot cast will come off in about another month and the nose i am told adds charactor (???) to my face.I have a whole new empathy for people who have gone thru this and faced so many challenges wow o wow.  And just to let you know i haven't changed any...i had surgery at 7:30 at nite on the 12th of April and went out of the hospital AMA or against medical advice 5 hours later because of just awful patient care (no hand washing between patients, rude nurses, call light not answered, and the list goes on and on.  So at home now...had one of my sisters who is a nurse at Kaiser Hospital come and stay with me for 3 weeks and will be back on the board in about a week.  So to all of you...i have missed you all....thought about you all alot and appreciate all of the messages...looks lilke i am still beating the odds...guess i must still have something left to do on this earth as my surgeon says....see you on the site in about a week and lots of love and kisses to all of you ,# <3 <3 <3 Cindy 707
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oops fingers still having issues...meant to say shattered my left forearm in five places and they put two plates in and 12 long screws...some things  never change lol
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Oh Cindy I've wondered where you were.  I haven't posted much either due to a back injury, nthing like what you've gone through though wow :(  thankfully you're still here.

My goodness that is horrible and what you've gone through already.  Please take care of yourself and rest well and let them take care of you and pamper you =)

Hope you have a speedy recovery and keep your spirits up.
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We are sooooo happy you are back and sooooo thankful to God for you being ALIVE!!!!!
We have all missed you so much! We will keep praying for you to recover. :)
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So glad you're ok and getting better everyday!!
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I was wondering where you were......glad you're back and hope you make a full recovery from your injuries.....you have been missed.  Get well soon!
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I also was wondering where Cindy was, you always give so much good advice that he didn't want to take you just yet ;)
Take care, rest up and get yourself better xxx
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What a terrible accident. I so happy you made it through OK with just a few nuts and bolts to hold you together. LOL  I agree with you on the checking out. Those issues aren't just annoying bits like bad hospital food. Those are related to your safety and health care. Perhaps you could send in a report to the patient advocate in hospital. They need to know about such things.

For now, take it easy, hang out here if you like but don't try to do too much, too soon.
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Hi Cindy,
I'm so sorry you've been through so much.  What a horrible accident!  Take care of yourself .  I've missed your posts on here....been wondering where you've been!
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I am so glad that you are ok.. Take care, get rest !!!! will be praying for you!!

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Wondered where you had been.  Hope you feel better and glad that you survived.
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Amazing that you would think of "us" while going through such a horrendous experience, and still some to go.  I hope you drew some good encouraging thoughts when you thought about the exchanges on this forum.  

I for one find myself thankful for my good luck when I read what others are going through.

I pray you get all your physical and mental facilities completely mended as you heal.

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Thanks for all of the great wishes you guys...go back to the surgeon day after tomorrow to see if the cast can come off of the right arm...and Jerry...i know it was a funny thing....i had to wait 48 hours before they could do the surgery so i could stablize and the day after the accident i got ahold of Cheryl the mgr. to ask her to find someone to cover the angina site for me THANK YOU IS SOMETHING WRONG !!!..........funny where our minds take us...i guess i was just a little worried about everyone...believe it or not the guy who hit me confessed that his son in his 50's purposely grabbed his steering wheel and put them on a no return course...as i was recouping i called the icu each day to make sure that the driver was okay and finally after the 2nd week had the icu nurse give him a message that i forgave him no matter what i faced because i just wanted him to be okay...his insurance lady called me and told me that he told her about the calls and started crying and said it meant the world to him and helped him because he thought he killed me....i guess this life really is the ultimate pay it forward....i think as we get older we get more contemplative .....again my thanks and hopefully this time next week i'll be back kicking up a little more drama or dirt lol......
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Here we go again...left arm...geez i think i need to hire a typist if this keeps up
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You are classy!
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Cindy...I left you a note also... I haven't seen you post anything lately :(  I hope you're doing ok and just laying back enjoying tv and taking it easy....
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