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Heart Murmur

Hi, i am 19 years old and in Janurary i was diagnosed with a heart murmur. I was sent for a chest x-ray and had an E.C.G and the results came back normal. The reason this all came about was becuase i went to the doctors for dizziness which i still have now. I have had an ultrasound on my heart and nothing was picked up but my heart murmur. 3 months on and i am still dizzy, i think it could be my heart because sometimes my heart just beats really fast for no reason and then i get really dizzy. I am also dizzy when i first wake up.
I was wandering what it could be and if they missed anything at the hospital.
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I also have a high ESR which my doctor thinks is an inflammation.
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Have you worn any type of cardiac monitor?  They're very helpful at catching what's going on when the symptoms are not happening all the time.

Which valve is causing the murmur?  Does your doctor suggest any follow up?

ESR - elevated sed rate???
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I can't remember, he mentioned something 'pulmonary'. I have to take some antinflammtries and see if thats makes my ESR go down, but i have to wait and see really.
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Dizziness after waking up in the morning could be from low blood pressure which i think is nothing to worry about.  Do you get rapid heart beat only when you think of your heart mumur?  the reason for this question is maybe you are feeling a bit anxious about all this and a way that this shows is by not being able to relax and having a fast heart beat.
Also there is alot of variability in resting heart rates for example athletes sometimes have heart rate of 50 beats per minute whereas unfit people can be up around 80-100 beats per minute.  If some of this seems to fit your description of things I recommend relaxation techniques or meditation.  Or if it continues for the next week go to your doctor again and tell him this is what your feeling and he'll be able to make diagnosis.

all the best
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