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Heart Palpitations?

For the past month, I have had chest pain, which was diagnosed by an ER doctor as Costochondritis. He ordered an EKG and Xray, both turned out normal. I also mentioned to him that it felt like my heart was "fluttering" sometimes. I've probably had around 5 of these "flutters". It really catches me by surprise and has me still while it's happening. It only happens for a few seconds and then my heart rate speeds up for about a minute. It's the weirdest experience i've had, but ER doctor assured me my heart is fine. Tonight I had another "flutter" and have had chest pain on the left side of my chest since it happened. I know i'm still alive, kicking, typing online at a forum..but I am curious and don't want to go back to ER as it cost me almost a grand to have him tell me my chest pains are ok.

I wish I could describe the sensation I feel when my heart flutters; I guess the best way to describe it is it gets very heavy, feels like there is no beat and then "flutters" like you would see a butterflies wings in the wind. That is the best analogy I can do.

Is this a heart palpitation I am experiencing? (AKA, i've had a panic attack before and know exactly what that feels like, this is completely opposite and very weird...not anxiety related at all, because I am relaxed and sitting when it happens.
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Good Morning!  I have had the identical symtoms you have!  I went to a cardiologist and had all the tests and wore a heart monitor for two weeks.  All the tests were negative and was told it was anxiety.  I told him I have the symptoms of fluttering and rapid heart beat when I am sitting and reading or just relaxing.  He told me many people have them, but are unaware and for me not to worry as there is nothing wrong with my heart.  I also experienced feeling light headed from time to time.  It took  a few months and the symptoms gradually went away.  I get them from time to time, but ignore them, and I'm fine.  Maybe to put your mind at ease, you should see a cardiologist.  Good Luck and keep us posted.
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ty for your response, but I am going to have to disagree with it being anxiety. I know what anxiety feels like, i've been there....many times and have had panic attacks. Those are different than what I have been feeling for almost a month now. I find it weird that it is accompanying Cotochondritis, which is an inflammation of the chest wall cartilage in the ribs/sternum. That is not anxiety. What I am experiencing is not pain at all when my heart flutters, I can feel it, right where my heart is. It feels like it's stopping for just a moment. I don't think it's anxiety. But thank you for your opinion.
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I have PVCs.  It feels exactly as you are describing.  Your heart feels like it stops for a second then you have a flutter feeling or a hard next beat.  I also have PACs, which for me is actually an extra beat in between 2 normal beats and I get a funny feeling in my chest.  Both in normal hearts will not harm you.  If it continues you probably should get your doctor to check it out.  Unless you have other symptoms, like chest pain (other than your ribs), shortness of breath, dizziness or passing out, it's not an emergency, regular doctor visit will do.
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I just had to weigh in on this one if for nothing else then to tell you photo that i loved that description of "butterfllies wings in the wind".  My bet would be on by what you are describing is electrical with your heart w. the heaviness you feel, almost like no beat and then the fluttering.  The heart pumps in our bodies via electrical activity and some people have hearts that are very sensitive and when it senses something is off it will re set its own electrical pattern naturally...and if this is the case all i can say is kudos to you....to put it into perspective for you photo the human heart beats at a min. of 100,000 times in a 24 hour period and if you are catching 5 well...........i think for all of us the hardest part is the not knowing and waiting for something we are sure is coming when it doesn't.  The only true way to know is a consult w. a heart doc and i tend to agree w. you i don't especially think its anxiety driven but possibly electrical...good luck to you.......
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I have had costochondritis for many many years and went through all the heart tests, panic attacks (yes, I have FULL ON ONES) because I was terrified It was heart pain, until one day my GP called his associate into his room to have a look and he immediately pushed on my back (which has degenerative osteo arthritis) and said ' pain in sternum come from back! move around rib and make ache and pain in chest'. You may have guessed by now that he was Chinese. And he was right!. My pain travels around my bottom rib to the centre of my chest; especially when I sit for long periods at the desk and use the computer, like now. It starts in the centre of my back, but in the early stages my back didn't actually hurt, only my rib and centre of chest. The heart flutter feeling may be a vagus nerve reaction because of the inflamed chest cartilidge, and it happens to me also. Sometimes my heart 'misses' a beat and then there are a couple of quick ones. OR it may be digestive because you are bent over and your chest is inflamed. That can mimic heart problems - sometimes I can't tell if I'm having missing heart beats or stomach spasms. The only way to check this is to keep calm, and when you feel it happen, try to quickly feel your pulse at your wrist and see if you feel a flutter or regular beat. Practice a couple of times so you know where to put your fingers to feel your pulse because you have to be quick. If it is a flutter, just go and tell your regular GP and have a checkup to see what's what.Main thing is that these things are rarely harmful, and keep telling your panic attack to KEEP AWAY! YOU'R NOT INVOLVED IN THIS! you know what I mean.It works to some extent.
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