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I can see my heart beat...all the time

If I look at where my heart is on my chest, I can see the fatty tissue pulse with each heart beat. Is that something to worry about?
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Not enough information for me to help.  

What is your heart rate at rest, and can you see the chest move at that rate?  Is your blood pressure high?  Do you have any other symptoms, are you on any heart medications?

If all your signs are normal and you feel fine and strong I think there is nothing to worry about. Perhaps someone who also can see physical motions of their heart reflected on the surface of their chest will post, that would be informative.
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I can see the heart beat at my resting rate, I have normal bp, and I'm not on any medication.
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Normal BP, that's good.

Still, the details are too few for me, and it appears others, to comment in specific detail. Some other facts that could be helpful:
1) what is your resting HR
2) is the HR regular, or irregular (ref: a good HR would be one per second, and very regular)
3) does it feel like your heart is "pounding"
4) what is your body weight/build, I'd guess a very thin person's heart movement might cause a visible movement on the chest, I'm not very thin so I can't check on myself : >)

If you don't come up with any other symptoms, and feel good, I again say I don't see anything to worry about.
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1 - My resting HR is approx. 68 beats per minute.
2 - Some beats feel slightly irregular and out of sync
3 - My heart occasionally feels like it's pounding; usually during stress
4 - I only weigh about 140 lbs. I am skinny with a bit of a gut and some breast fat.

I'm seeing a cardiologist on Wed. What questions would you recommend I ask him?
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