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I get so frightened with these flutters

I hate this flutters and pause outs! has anyone ever passed out from these.. I have had them the past 5 yrs but the last few  days they seem bad... none of my doctors have ever done anything about them. I had a ekg & echo 5 yrs ago and all was good. I am finally going back to my cardiologist monday.. I just want to scream .day and while. I break down and cry as I just want these to stop and feel normal again. I just had a baby 5 months ago and they were really bad durig my delivery but I guess no concerns for the doctors.

I have been under alot of stress the past few days I am guessing that is whats bringing these on so constant! my sons baby was born yesterday and at the hospital they were bad. I feel like such a freak that I have these and cant control them or my anxiety which sky rockets during them and ofcourse makes them worse. Sometimes I feel lke I am just gonna die any minute!

Do you all experience and feel the same way? any advice on how to stop these from being so frequent...I am sooo scared and stressed out and I try to hide it from everyone I dont want them to think I am weird or mess up I guess.

I would appreciate any advice thank you
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Hi Kelly,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby and grandbaby!!

Yes, unfortunately, this seems to be the nature of the "beast."  The PVCs come and go, for some reason, no reason, any reason....Hormones seem to play a role for some women.  Also, watch the caffeine, and try and get enough rest.  

Talk with your doctor and let him/her know the beats are disrupting your quality of life.  He/she may recommend exercise, yoga, medication, etc.  Try not to worry.  We're right there beside you.

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I am the exact same way I just try to hide it when i'm having them because I feel like a freak having them also, mine have calmed WAY down lately, I started drinking those gatorade G2's about 5  a day and I make sure i'm in bed by 10 and get plenty of sleep because when i'm tired theres no stopping them once they come on, so just stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep and you will probaly notice a difference.
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I wish I could get enough sleep but with my baby he still is not sleeping thru the night and I am sooo tired everyday.. my dh works nights so I have no help. I do notice if I get really thursty or hot they come on too! thank you for responding! I feel so alone here at home people who dont have these just DON'T understand =(
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HEY AZQTPIES!  You are NOT alone; we're right here!

Try taking naps (or just breaks) in the afternoon.  Do you have a friend (or maybe a sister) who might come over 1 night a week to help you out?  I can definitely attest to lack of sleep being a trigger.  Hang in there; it does get better.  Soon, he'll be sleeping through the night and you'll be wondering where the time went.  Find a comfy place to sit with him when he wakes, and go right back to bed when you lay him down.  You might even try watching a little tv or reading to help you doze back off.

Does DH help during the day?  That would be a great time to catch an afternoon nap.
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greetings kelly. I also started getting that way after my kids were born.  Sometimes, I can go for months without that scare. Other times, like lately, they come non-stop. I work out but they still happen. Hang in there and congrates on the baby :)
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I too have the exact same thing, so bad about a year ago that I was actually hospitalized in the telemetry unit for 24 hours of observation.  I saw a cardiologist that same day in the hospital and he put me on a very small dose of metoprolol 25mg twice a day.  Generally my symptoms are in the morning so I just take on 25mg tablet in the morning and don't even bother with the evening dose unless I have symptoms.  My problem is now that I wan't to get pregnant with my first baby and my concern is that Metoprolol is still classified as a category C drug and my OB says I have to come off of it.  I tried to take myself off of it about a week ago and did ok for about four days but my heart would start to race with the smallest movement.  My panic disorder go way worse too. Anyone have any ideas of a med that they have taken during pregnancy that is a category B?
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