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Yes i was in the hospital for chest pain and i was in the there for over 24hrs and i had 2 different stress test. The physical stress test was stopped just 6 minutes into it for irregular heart beat. When I had the chemical stress test the lady said to the Doctor that I inverted my T's again. Before all of this they gave me Nitro pill and it helped with the pain in my chest. When the pain came back they decided to give me Morphine and it did not even help one bit. Later on they came back and said I was good to go home and I am afraid I was sent away because i have no insurance. I was diagnosed with a Heart murmur and when i was born i was born with a hole in my heart since i was born 2 months early.
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I'm not quite sure what your question is but I will try to respond.

Generally inverted Ts indicate ischemia (blockage), or possible MI damage.  but, this warrants more study to be sure.  If enough evidence existed for more study a CT angiogram scan, 3d turbo MRI, or cath angiogram would be done next.  These can cost several thousand $$.  This is your heart, I would seriously press the doctors that looked at you to see if this is needed and pay for the tests.

The hole in your heart for 8 weeks premie is common. When we are still in utero the hole actually makes gas exchange more efficient.  It closes by full term.  Same with the murmur.  Are these issues still open?
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Inverted T waves can have several causes, some are benign, some are not.

In young healthy people, inverted T waves are usually caused by either artifacts (misplaced electrodes or other errors) or hyperventilation.

In your setting, with severe chest pain that is relieved by nitro, it's strongly suspicious and can indicate angina, but you still are a little young for that (though it's seen from time to time in people in the 30s). I agree with Itdood that you should get this further examined.

How is your cholesterol? Blood pressure? Heart diseases in your family? Do you smoke?

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I was had a inverted T on my ECG and admitted to hospital only to be  rudly told one of the cardioligist's that the tecnicion had reversed the ecg lead and it was mistake. He made me feel like I reversed the leads on purpose to get attention. He said I was just fat and lazy and needed to go watch a good concentration camp movie and half what they eat.

I told the nurses I wanted him not to anywhere near me again and made a complaint and the hospital got me a different nicer cardioligist that diagnoised me with inappropriate sinus tachycardia and put me on Ivabradine.

If you were not give a reason why being sent away with no meds for long term heath i would be going back to ask why. I would not give up till I got an answer as to why I was sent away from the hospital after an inverted T with  no treatment plan. If I got no answer I would buy my own ECG machine and and see what showed up and use that info with my regular Dr till something was done. Dont let this go its your health your life demand an answer.
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Thanks for all of the help and i will be looking for another doctor to take a look at me and hopefully i can get rid of my chest pain since i am still having them.
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That's great to hear. When I read inverted T wave I had to tell you my story but I also was shocked to hear so little had been done for you. As soon and the Dr that did my ECG saw the inverted T wave he told me to go to hospital. He looked worried I still have no idea how getting the leads wrong cause an inverted T wave but I'm glad to have my answer and you derserve to have your health looked after and have answers as to why the last Dr sent you away the way he did that almost seems like malpractice to me.

Take care. look after your self.
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