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POTS heart rate

I am curious about other pots patients symptoms. If you could take the time to answer I would appreciate it very much!
Do you get tachycardia EVERY single time you stand or are up and about?
I have been diagnosed with pots but now this diagnosis is up in the air.
All my symptoms come and go as they please, including the tachycardia upon standing.
I’m wondering if anyone else has this too and they still do indeed have pots syndrome.

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what's your typical heart rate range?

Any other symptoms beyond tachycardia?

What workup have you had?
I’ve had stress test, several echos, tilt table. I get the usual symptoms. Dizziness, nausea, syncope and presyncope. Low bp. Palpitations. Fatigue. Tachycardia.
What's your heart rate range?

And your bp range?

Do you have dyspnea?

Ever had ...

Chest ct/cta
Stress echo
Echo with bubble
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