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PVC's/Afib with RVR

I'm a 30yo male who has had a few episodes of afib with rvr. Just recently, prob 6 months ago, I've been getting palpitations in the morning. They usually go away by early afternoon. I thought it was my afib kicking in, but come to find out they were PVC's. My doctor says not to worry so I don't. Except on certain days when they are really bad. I work out hard 4-5 times a week and I'm very active. I've tried cutting caffine and nothing changes. I still get them every morning. My echo came back normal and the 24 hour holter showed a few PVC's. My cardiologist even said that my resting heart rate while I was asleep was in the 40's. He also said that the PVC's and the occasional episode of afib with rvr are unrelated. I have no answers for why they happen or how to control them. Anybody have a remedy?
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Hi -

Sounds like you and I have the same issue with PVCs...I get them predominantly in the morning, usually minutes after getting out of bed. I do experience PVCs throughout the rest of the day, but not as severely as the morning. I have spoken to my cardiologist at length about this, and he can't give me any definitive explanation as to why I have a higher frequency of ectopics in the a.m. I have tried every PVC "remedy" imaginable, and I have eliminated known "triggers" for periods of time with no success. Personally, I now believe that there are no cures, just various techniques and strategies for coping with them. My cardiologist used to suffer from episodic PVCs in his late 30's, and feels confident that over time, they will eventually diminish or disappear altogether. Stress and adrenaline definitely contribute to the intensity and frequency of my PVCs. I run daily, and find that I don't feel many when exercising, although I may get a few while cooling down. Regardless, I may switch my run times to the mornings, to see if that curtails the PVC activity.

I have had all the necessary cardiac tests and investigations, and been diagnosed with benign PVCs. I believe the only solution for people in our situation is acceptance (easier said then done!!). Once you have faith that the sensations are harmless, you will hopefully be able to learn to ignore them when the flare up. Less stress and anxiety over time will likely lead to less frequency, and less physical observance.

You are definitely not alone. Be well, and stay positive, although I know how hard it can be.

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Thanks for the reply TM. I too feel better after a run. I might try running first thing in the morning. When you get more frequent PVC's do you excercise "through" them or do you try to rest? Does either help?
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I definitely exercise through the PVCs...I have actually felt the odd thump, or flutter during a run, but force myself to keep going. I have asked my cardiologist about this as well, and he assured me that I should always continue exercising. The only circumstances that would be concerning, and require one to stop, would be if there was dizziness, pain, shortness of breath (beyond usual), and even fainting.

Do you only notice your PVCs in the morning, or do you still feel a few premature beats throughout the day? I feel them off and on, but the highest concentration is definitely during the morning hours. Most individuals seem to find they glare up in the evening, whereas mine seem to work on the opposite schedule - very strange! It goes to show that there really are no defined parameters for benign PVCs, and how and when they will strike.

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Yes, unfortunately there is no definitive cure.  If someone finds one they will become very rich I am sure.  But my cardiologist said the same thing as T, you should eventually stop noticing them.  It seems people have bouts of them from time to time.  They go away and then come back and then go away.  Definitely try to not stress about them the will make them worse.  Unfortunately I have found the harder I run the more pvcs I get so you may want to ease up just a wee bit until they subside but use your best judgment.  My cardiologist has always advocated that I continue to exercise.  Good luck and hang in there.  You are not alone.  
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I still feel them a little later in the day, sometimes they completely go away. When I went to see the cardiologist for the PVC's they did not have a holter ready. 4 days later when I got the holter they were gone and stayed gone for several weeks. They have just recently came back. Always worse the first few hours when I get up. This morning was the worst espisode and they didn't go away until a few hours ago. Right now, no palpitations and my HR is nice and steady in the 60's.
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