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I went to a cardiologist last year ( because I could feel my heart beating irregularly ) and they diagnosed me with a whole slew of things , including PVC's which they basically said were the least to worry about . Yet they said I needed no meds or anything . I went to another cardio Doc , a place that is very well known for their heart facility , and the Dr there wondered why I wasn't being treated if all these things were really wrong. He did his own work up and found NOTHING wrong other than the PVC's . Who do I believe ? Do I go get a 3rd opinion ! It's always hanging over my head ! They do indeed provoke panic attacks as well, when they don't stop . I have had to call the ambulance to my house because they get so bad I LITERALLY can't breathe , and get to the point of almost passing out from hyperventilating . Don't know what to do ! Can anyone suggest another good cardio Doc in the ATL Ga area ? I went to St. Josephs already . They gave me great news, but I wonder if I shouldn't get one more work up ?
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I am also in the Atl. Ga area and see a really good cardiologist.  I have been seeing him since this started in may of last year.  I have also gone to St. Joseph's hospital-they are good; however, I went there-to the ER for something different.

If you email me (since we are both memebers) I will give you the name of my cardio.

I hope you feel better.  It's a hard place to be-dealing with the PVC's.  I have just started weaning off of my beta blockers.  I am taking 12.5 mg every other day-starting yesterday.  I am worried, but have been wanting to get off the medication for a while now.
So you take absolutely no meds for your PVC's?  
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There are conditions like PVC's that are not life threatening. Anything with the heart is going to cause us to worry.  It's taken alot of time for me to learn to manage my problem. If the Dr's thought it was life threatening you would know it, they wouldn't mess with you about that. You need to get the panic under control, address that problem first and you will come to terms with what seems to be a benign heart condition. Believe me, just because it's benign doesn't mean it's not going to freak you out. You have to come to terms with your condition.
Yes, you should get as many opinions that you need, keep seeing Dr's till you get one that you trust, and it may not be a cardiologist. I have seen several cardiologist, 2 EP's, and an endocrinologist, and it's my family Dr. that understand my problem the best. It seems like all of last year was spent in Dr's offices.
Untill they come up with a cure for PVC's, I'll just have to live with them.
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If you've had a second opinion at a very well known "heart" clinic, but you still have questions, you should get those questions answered.

If it takes getting a third opinion, so be it. However, if the third opinion is the same as the second, will that put your mind at ease?

It sounds like you've had two good cardiac work ups but you didn't say what types of tests you've had, or what the first doctor meant by "a whole slew of things". I'd start there. What were they?

If it's pvcs, how many, what pattern? Have you found any triggers like caffiene, lack of sleep or certain foods that bring them on? Sometimes if you can eliminate those things that make them worse, you may feel a bit better.

Knock on wood,,, I get over 24,000pvc/day and I haven't been to the E.R for pvcs yet. However, I've had a few whopping panic attacks that I thought would land me there. Have you seen anyone for the anxiety?

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What other slew of things did the doc say you had?  Im wondering if they were all PVC/PAC related events and thats why your new Dr is saying theres "nothing" wrong.
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