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Question for Greendave

Are you on medication for your PVC's?  I know that you mountain bike and exercise regularly so I was wondering if you were on a med.  I attempted to do 15 minutes of low intensity cardio yesterday and paid dearly for it.  I got a headache for an hour after and a string of PVC's.  I dont usually get those even if I am not taking my med.  I only take Propranolol as needed going 7 day stretches now without it.  Yesterday I didnt take it.  I had to take it after I worked out my heart rate just wouldnt calm down for a long time and then with the PVC's happening so much I just took one.  Just wondering if you take a med all the time for your heart and that is why you can exercise so much?
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Wow what a fantastic question.
I lived with the permanent taste of beta blockers under my tongue and for years was  a complete mental and physical wreck. My salvation was a mis prescription which resulted in an error which nearly stopped my heart and I vowed from that day that for me there would be no more drugs.
As for exercise some days just having a shave would send my heart racing and the doctor' s reaction was 'you're fine'
So I was on my own - no Medhelp  - and very depressed. I hate thinking about it and can honestly say that the future looked bleak. if I tried going for a walk it felt as though the pavement was coming up to meet me and i was going to fall over with legs of lead.
Luckily i came across the simple listen to your body/ breathing / visualisation technique which I have described several times in previous posts (If you have not seen it let me know and i will add it later) I firmly believe in cell intellligence and that we need to learn to relax and harmonise with all our little cells and fill them with love. (I'm not nuts honest!!)
Then from there i went on very slowly to simple yoga postures which for me were a challenge as oddly even stretching under no stress increased ny heart rate. So nice and slowly i persevered until i became more flexible and then the energy started to flow and i began to feel more alive. (got loads of advice on this if you need any)
So at this stage I still had not done any 'physical exercise' but was feeling a whole lot better.
So daves advice no 1 - do not go straight into physical exertion - learn to relax first and then learn to stretch - this could take a long time but who cares - you will feel better.
Now on to exercise - i have very firm views on this - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND DO NOT FORCE IT - this may sound simple but people insist on douig so many of this or walking X number of miles etc. - this is guaranteed to fail - do not do it.
You are far better to find somewhere beautiful outside and sit and drink in that beauty through your breathing - to me exercise and the outdoors go together but being outdoors is more important than the exercise.
Enough for now but at some point i would like to get a group of people together and start on a weekly 'get fit' campain the 'greendave' way and see if I can pass on to others waht has taken me years to learn with the constraits of my sensitive heart.

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What a fabulous answer:)
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Thanks for that.
I feel very passionately that we can all do loads more but that the 'conventional way' does more harm than good.
I would love to see our community members have a much higher quality of life and all it takes is a nice slow step by step week by week steady progress towards a better life.
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I coudn't agree more!
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Thanks Dave, I have been doing yoga and meditation for about 2 months now.  I get a few thumps when I do yoga but nothing like when I try to walk.  I used to get Pvc's when I would take a deep breath and the meditation has helped to get rid of that.  I can take a nice deep breath and not get a thump just a weird heart rhythm.  I tried to walk because your last post inspired me and it had been 2 months.  I am trying to take it slow but get really anxious sometimes as I have 2 small boys that I really want to run around with.

I hope I can get to where you are and not take a med again.  I take the propranolol as needed but can definately feel the effects when I do.  I hate drugs because they got me into this mess.  I too had a drug that screwed me up for the rest of my life.  I have been juicing almost daily and that has helped with energy and to keep my blood pressure low.  I take herbs to keep my blood moving and to clean my liver and some other things.  I am trying so much to help my body and once a month I get really discouraged. I feel like it doesnt matter.  I have no one else to blame but myself as I smoked very young and for a long time but now Im trying and I hope its not to late.

Please keep posting every once in a while when you complete a great workout.  Its very inspiring for me.  You gave me the courage to get back on the elyptical.  Ill try again in a few weeks.  I used to mountain bike with my husband.  He does 24 hour races and such and I really miss those days so hearing your stories sparks a fire in me.

How old were you when this started?  Sorry to ask but how old are you now?  Is there a reason for your PVC's?  I believe in your method so dont think you are crazy.  There is something to be said about proper breathing.  My Acupuncturist told me that I breath incorrectly and encouraged me to do a lot of deep breathing.  She thought that was part of my problem.  How long did it take for you to get where you are from the point of going off all meds to now?

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Hi Lucy
The delay in replying is 'cos of the time difference as I am in the UK .Thanks for all the detail in your reply as it gives so much to work on and its great to hear you've got 2 small boys in your life as to me children are what life is all about. i have 4 daughters and the second one Ursula was born a year after i nearly died and spent a horrifying week in the cardiac ward with people regularly dying around me in the night. I will never forget certain of them as they faced the end and died.I hasten to add that they did have serious heart disease and were not like us.
Anyway Ursula loved her daddy and right from the start was my constant shadow and so full of love that I believed that i had been spared just so she could be born.In those days there was a talking bear called TEDDY RUXPIN who had a friend called GRUBBY and we used to walk up a local valley looking for the DIAMOND MINES and RAINBOW FALLS and she was teddy and I was grubby. Little did she know the problems that GRUBBY was having and why he was always feeling his pulse!
Sorry to digress but there is a lot of hidden pain inside me and sometimes it really helps me to relive and try to come to terms with it. I lived under a black shadow for many many years but no one knew as I kept it all hidden and was always happy smiley DAVE - my nickname was CHESHIRE CAT as i always had a big smile but inside i was a wreck. Well enough about me!!
So back to you - my first thought is the power of anxiety on your walk attempts - if you are anything like me when I tried I was guaranteed to fail as mentally I was expecting to fail and constantly monitoring what my body was doing. The end result was anxiety, incorrect breathing, rapid pulse and or PVC's and a quick return to the car for a beta blocker and half an hour of pulse taking until it calmed down
So the yoga is good as long as you stretch gently and let your body settle into new patterns but i feel that we need to work on your breathing/ relaxation and positive visualisatiom. I took a few years out from my main career and became a hpnotherapist and also i used biofeedback equipment.
Positive mental images will have an effect on your bodies physical balance and a good way of getting positive mental images accepted is to be relaxed at the time.
So please think of a time in your busy daily routine which is going to be LUCY TIME - we only need half an hour but it is best if it becomes part of your daily routine so talk to your partner and work out when LUCY TIME is going to be.
So now in this precious half hour of LUCY TIME get into a relaxed position that suilts you and don't worry that your mind is racing with all the things you need to do etc as over time you will become expert in 'switching off''
Put your hand on your abdomen and focus on your breatning - feel your hand slowly rising as you breathe in and falling as you breathe out - nice and gentle - slow and rhythmic just focus on this gentle rhythmn of life. This is very different from 'deep breathing gulping in great lung fulls of air which can actually make things worse!
Next - when you are ready - visualise a spot that you find beautiful - it can be anywhere but the thing is to really visualise it and feel yourself there through all your senses.
Feel the wind in your hair -  smell the scents of the plants around you  - hear the sounds of natural life going on around you and become part of it.
Don't rush this as it is important - keep trying until you really can feel that you are totally there
When you are able to do this we are now going to contact the'universal energy' which is all around us, limitless and full of love. Now imagine that you are bathed in a beautiful bright light - feel its warmth and see its colour. the colour is an intersting one and i would like to know what colour light you see.
Know in every cell of your body that this energy has the power to make LUCY what LUCY has always wanted to be and ask only for that - no power other others or material gains - just a LUCY full of love -full of life - ready to share that love with everyone she comes into contact with.
Lucy I would like to work with you on this as i spent years doing this and why don't we use this post as a record of how we get on as it could help others and we can exchange experiences and progress.
So step one is to get LUCY TIME sorted and lets take it from there. the exercise bit comes later we need to do this first.

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Hello.  I've had the good fortune to find this forum and wanted to say thank you.  I've had some wonderful people offer me great advice.  

What you have shared with lucyluu is so true.  Thank you.  I've started counseling to help with my mindset and fear over the PVC's and other issues.  I've let them interfer with my quality of life to the point where I hate to go anywhere.  When I am not plagued by them, I have a more positive mind set, but as soon as one hits, I'm right back where I started...dwelling on them, wrist checking, sitting in fear and having a great pity party where "WHY ME" is the guest of honor.

It's really hard to break a habit that is reinforced, especially when the mind is so ready to squash any poitive thoughts.  I raised two wonderful boys and am now blessed with a fantastic little granddaughter.  I often wonder how much more I could have done if I had not been worried, so much of the time, about the possible negatives of the PVC's.  I'm working on the breathing and the visualization techniques but find it hard to locate my 'special place' of beauty, which is silly as I love the great outdoors.  As soon as I visualize a picture, it fades.  I'll keep trying.

You are so right about having a time set aside for just yourself.  I'm going to have to make sure I take some 'me' time every day and just not once in a while.  The mind is a powerful thing and capable of doing so much if we can just tap into it's positive healing.  Living in fear of the "next PVC" is really a waste of time.  You are also so very right about the universal love that is around us.  My colors are yellows, oranges and reds, not sure what that means.

I think your suggestion about creating a "get fit" program is fantastic.  I'll be following your posts as you have a true feel for what it's like to be in this situation and how to positively change our thought processes.
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Thanks Dave but I already do this daily.  I dont know where I would be without it.  I have a wonderful husband.  When he comes home from work he immediately takes the kids and I have Lucy evenings.  We eat dinner and then I spend the evening winding down.  I spend a half hour each night meditating, visualising, praying and breathing.  I have done this for years and am good at it.  I am in the middle of a 3 month long focused meditation.  My goal is to meditate every night for 3 months.  This includes visualising and breathing.  I asked you questions like how long did it take for you to get back on the bike from the moment you gave up meds because it helps me establish a time line.  I will take your timeline and then make a goal to cut it in half.  I know my goals may not work out in my timeline but I like goals.  I like to know your age because it gives me some perspective on how to compare my situation to yours.  I know that no two people are alike.
Thanks for the help but I already have great knowledge on this.  It pretty much follows your routine.  If it wasnt for visions, meditation and prayer I think I would have died a few years back.  Life is all mental and I know that.  To share with you.  My new thing to watch is and dont laugh Ultimate Fighting Championship the series.  I took time to watch it one night with the guys thinking that I would be bored.  It was actually at a really bad time health wise a few years ago.  I found myself really inspired how half of the fighters think.  Its all mental with them and I love to watch their training.  They are constantly thinking above positive.  Thinking that if you dont think like a winner all the time you will lose.  Anyway 3 years later I am still hooked.  I dont usually like reality tv shows but these young guys are so filled with life and motivation to win a contract that its addicting and some how motivates me.  Some of them are down right crazy but most of them are really good focused guys.  Anyway that is my new thing added to the other stuff.  I try to watch UFC once a week or when I feel really bad and all my anxiety goes away.  I also watch the documentary The Secret every 6 months to stay positive and focused.  That is about drawing energy from the universe also.

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That is brilliant and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.
It seems we have a lot in common and t is fantastic to know that someone else uses these techniques.
I'm very impressed with your goals and approach so will get on and answer your quastions about exercise.
What I do is mountain walking and scrambling on my own usually in all weathers mostly in the rugged North Wales mountains although I have the 'Lakes' and of course 'Scotland'
I am often the only one up there as for instance last weekend there were storm conditions with 75 mph gusts which literally moved me many feet and the weekend before that I was on the tops in deep snow, thick hill fog and again strong winds and freezing temperatures.
I am now 58 and it has taken me over 4 years to get from a 'couch potato' to doing things that not too many people do.
I have had my problems for 27 years and kicked off in dramatic fashion in the back of an ambulance with a suspected heart attack for a week long stay in hospital - quite a shock for a 'fit' 31 yeear old with a young family.
For over 20 years i have lived a nightmare inside like all of us in this community and for me like you the meditation/visualisation gave me the strength to fight back.
I started the physical fight reluctantly as my daughter Ursula was let down by some friends and drageed me out with her for a walk in the peak District'. Calling it a walk is real funny as I would only go in a circle with the car in view and was so unfit my heart was racing anyway!!
Next week she got me again and another reluctant outing but this time something long asleep woke inside me and my sou; cried out to be free again. just thinking of that moment brings tears to my eyes. I was totally physicallu useless but i knew that no matter how long it took I was going to get up those hills and my aim was to be able to sit on moutain tops and let my soul soar.
It was very hard for me and for the first two years I just slowly got fitter but this is where being in beautiful places came in 'cos even if I was having a bad day then at least i could sit and drink in the beauty.
Now I have probably gone too far in that being up there on my own means danger from even the simplest slip. Scranbling does not use a rope so a slip could be fatal.
Have a look at some of the photos om my profile and you will see the beauty.
I am so with you on positive thinking and its great to draw that from a TV show.
So back to the physical - what are you doing now as your daily routine and are you keeping a log of your daily reactions?
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Hi there
I think we are getting to the heart of the problem with these posts in that as you say
'I've let them interfer with my quality of life to the point where I hate to go anywhere.'  
We help each other face the terrible fears that we all have and it now looks to me that there are quite a few of us who want to move on to a much higher quality of life.
Lucy is well on the way and you are too so rather than following posts perhaps we should keep one going on the meditation/visualisation experiences we have so that others will read them and then join in.
Lets get there together
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Hi, sorry I haven't been on the line for some time now.  Between work, dealing with the health worries and trying to keep life moving, I've not been able to take time to type.  Finally spent some time in the ER today and was very frustrated with the lack of findings and have come back to the wonderful support of folks in this forum. Where or how would we start the meditation/visualization experiences?  Sounds like it's someting that would help us all.   Thanks, Pam
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Same here - I've been away for a while but back now. there are some simple steps in this thread if you go up a bit and then we can start a proper post just on this subject.
Also we can link it with crystals as it adds a bit of fun and mistery.
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