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Rapid heartrate/high blood pressure after eating

For the past several years I have noticed that after eating food (which ranges from just a cup of milk to a full meal) that my heart rate and blood pressure increases significantly about 30 minutes after eating, and it lasts for about  one and 1/2 hours to two hours.  This occurs about 50% of the time after eating.  My heart rate goes from ~75 bpm up to 140 bmp (max todate), and the blood pressure goes from 130/80 up to 180/102 (max to date).  Note: I am borderline hypertensive and take 20mg of lisinopril a day. I have attempted to determine if there is a particular type of food, or food additive that might trigger the symptoms, and have noticed the symptoms always occur when I eat peanut butter or the snack crackers that are sold in vending machines, and will occassionally happen when I eat homemade macroni and cheese.  Other that these foods, I can find no relationships.  I can have a cup of milk one morning and get the symptoms, then have a cup the next day from the same gallon and have no symptoms.  I have had several tests in the hospital - stress test, sonogram of the heart, gastronomic tests - with no results.  Of course the tests were not conducted just after eating, so I was not exhibiting the symptoms.  Do you have any thoughts on what might be causing this?
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If someone were to present to me with these symptoms (I work in the field of emergency medicine) I would certainly not be concerned with your relationship between eating and a raise in BP / Pulse.

When you eat food, the organs involved with digestion (the stomach, intestines etc.) require considerably more blood than normal. This of course diverts blood away from other major organs (the heart, brain and lungs etc.) Because of this the body has to work harder to meet the bodies demand for oxygen and increases the BP and pulse to account for it. This is why after eating a big meal people often fall asleep becuase the extra energy demands on the body cause tiredness.

You say that it can last up to two hours? This is about the same time as it takes for the stomach to do its bit and allow the food through to the intestines, so that reinforces my thoughts.

Some people may notice no change.... But then these people dont necessarily take their BP and pulse after each meal! Second to that, the differences in pulse / BP after eating will vary from person to person and since you are borderline hypertensive, I would say it all sounds pretty normal.

I would imagine that the tests you've had done have been carried out in relation to your general hypertension and not specific to your observations regarding eating.

I'll finish off though as always do by saying I hope this puts your mind at rest somewhat, but if you're concerned, pop back in to see the Doc!
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hi i was reading ur post and i to experience the same exact thing, i also work in a emergency setting as well as the guy that commented last, and i have asked doctor after doctor, and the guy above seemed to hit it on the nose, what i was told that some people notice there heart rates increase and some dont that one can notice a 10 beat difference while the next person couldnt notice a 40 beat difference, also have you been checked for ulcers in ur stomach, they also can cause this after eating, bc when the food goes to the stomach and the food hits an ulcer it stimulates the vagus nerv which can cause ur heart rate to go up there is different things that could cause it but my personal oponion that i have came up with is just like the last guy said during digestion those organs need more blood and only one way to do that is for the heart to pump harder i have been to the er multiple times for this and it is always just sinus tach my got up to 165 bpm one time it is scarey but in a healthy heart harmless take care and hope it feels better
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Just a quick one for you tank2003.....

Vagus nerve stimulation causes Bradycardia (slowing of the heart). It is part of the Parasympathetic nervous system. This is why Carotid Massage often works to slow an SVT /  Sinus Tachycardia so not sure where that info came from about it speeding things up?!?!
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just a quick note bloke1981 the information comes from multiple text books and research as well as the cleveland clinic check the web site out the vagus can cause multiple things to happen, as well as the slowing and speeding of the heart, i am no doctor but i am educated, i would doubt that one of the leading heart centers in the world would give false information but im no doctor try researching it that might help
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Indeed other things can happen when the Vagus nerve is affected. Stimulating it causes Bradycardia, depressing it causes Tachycardia..... amongst other systemic responses.

For instance, Adrenaline stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, thus speeding up the heart. Atropine has the same effect, speeding up the heart but rather than doing it by directly stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, it does it by blocking the Parasympathetic nervous system (the one that slows it down).

The two nervous systems in effect balance each other out, however, the Parasympathetic system is slightly dominant keeping things calm, rhythmic and controlled. Blocking it makes the sympathetic nervous system dominant, without physically exciting it, speeding things up.....

It gets very complicated so I'll leave it there except to say it depends in which way the Vagus nerve is involved as to the effect..... But as a rule, it slows things down.

In any case, regardless, its more than likely a normal thing that budgetguy is experiencing.
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hey bloke1981 i would like to apologize for sounding argumentive, in no way was i trying to be, i was just reading over it and to mee it seemed like i was trying to argue with you and i just wanted to let you and budgetguy that in NO way was that my intention i know this is a great forum for proplr to find some none medical proved answers and like at the beginning i would like to apologize to you both thank you and i agree with you what is feeling is prolly normal from our stand point, have a great evening and god bless thank you
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I have a similar condition - I found your post in my search for answers and there's not too much I can find on this one.

More and more I've noticed that after eating dinner (my largest meal of the day) my pressure elevates and my HR goes up. A quick flight of stairs or minimal extra exertion quickly boosts the condition.

It's kind of scary when I feel it happen and hope that the dismissal of it being serious is correct for both our sakes. I rarely see my cardiologist because I too have passed all heart related tests swimmingly, but you always have to be concerned about these things. This is my first question for my next visit.

If anyone knows of further info they can direct me to, I would appreciate it.
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I have the same problem, but have had IST for years and recently HBP.  I'v had to quit all coffee, tea, soda, everything with caffeine but still whenever I eat fast foods or salty foods my HR raises.  Even after changing my diet and taking beta blockers, at times my heart rate raises when I eat, so I never use table salt and try to determine exactly what foods cause this.  What I'v found is that the salty foods cause this more so than the bland foods, and especially restaurant food (for me), but after years of having IST, I think that some of us just have faster heart rates.  I don't know how true that is but I was told there is not much I can do about my heart rate.  
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wonder why this post popped up without a reply?

Anyways, my guess to budgetguy is that you could me lactose intolerant.

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I just read your post from last Nov about your high bp and fast hr after eating.

Just wanted to say, I have the exact same problem. Here's some info:

I'm just 34 years old and I'm in good health. I was running 10 miles a week and taking only 2 meds (thyroid and PPI for reflux) and my bp was normally 100/60.

Then one day I bought a blood pressure machine for my wife. I decided to use it on myself to show her. It was just after I had a large meal, and to my surprise, my blood pressure was 200/105. I nearly soiled my pants after seeing this number twice.  
I lived near the mayo clinic in AZ so I drove to the ER as fast as possible (in hindsight this was stupid because panic just made it go higher). They kicked me out of the ER with a beta blocker after 2 hours, and my bp was around 150/95. They said I had anxiety. Actually this incident caused anxiety! The next week I was put on 50mg of Toprolol XL (I'm still taking this and it helps a lot).

Since the first episode over a year ago, I have noticed that every time I eat a high protein meal like chicken, whole milk, eggs, peanut butter, etc, my bp would go high.

I have had a $30k checkup including adrenals, two MRIs (abdomen, brain), CT scans, x-rays, stress tests, ultrasounds of aorta and carotids, echocardiograms, so many blood tests I could have filled a donation bank's freezer, and after all this I was left wondering - after seeing four cardiologists, 8 emergency rooms, etc., WHY THE HECK was my blood pressure going through the roof after big meals. I actually developed a panic / anxiety issue BECAUSE of this! Now I'm on beta blockers primarily because of the aftereffects of this mess.

I have spent so many hours in front of the computer trying to research this, it is crazy. I have no medical background so it has been really tough to sort through all the info, but I think there is a connection with the vagus nerve, reflux, etc. and some of this is just normal. Some medical books say it is normal for BP to go up even 50 mmHg after eating a meal for some people.

Things I have found that help, are:

1. Take a PPI like Aciphex.
2. Eat small meals frequently and don't eat after 7pm.
3. Reduce stress and anxiety or don't eat when stressed.
4. When your stomach is fired up, drink Ensure for a week with no solids, to rest your stomach (worked for me twice).
5. Don't eat food too high in fat or protein.
6. Keep your thyroid in check (TSH). When my TSH is high things get worse.
7. Drink plenty of fluids during the day.

I don't know if it is dangerous to have BP being up to ~190/100 or so for a couple of hours,... it causes me a lot of anxiety just thinking about it and my cardiologist had no opinion on this question. I guess its normal for some people, and I know that weight lifters get up to 300/200. So anyway.. I guess if everyone checked their BP after eating there would be more posts here :-)
Milk, eggs and peanuts are all in the top 8 foods that cause allergic reactions.  Chicken is not though.  Some people who are allergic to milk are also allergic to beef.

Also, allergies add up, [1].  It is possible to react to a food at one time but not at another (or not so you'd notice) because of other allergic reactions going on at the same time.

Also, mold turns up in the weirdest places.  Vinegar, smoked food, dried fruit, some coffee, some chocolate and of course blue cheeses.  Mushrooms can be an issue for the mold allergic.  They certainly are for me!

While the classic description of anaphylaxis involves hypOtension, in fact this only happens about 1/3 of the time, [2].  In what may be the first study of its kind, published in 2016, 12.9% of anaphylaxis cases were found to involve hypERtension, [3].  

It is important to note that the diagnostic criteria for anaphylaxis include only hypOtension, not hypERtension, so hypERtensive cases have to qualify solely on the basis of other diagnostic criteria, such as flushing, itching, swelling, hives, shortness of breath, etc, [2,4].

I'm not a medical doctor, just a science guy with a lot of allergies who had a reaction to a single bite of mushroom last night.  I became very dizzy, close to passing out I thought, which is why I called an ambulance.  The paramedics arrived in less than 10 minutes and measured my blood pressure at 179/80 (usually 117/70) and pulse at 106 (usually 50).  The paramedics did other tests while my blood pressure and heart rate slowly fell, and although they didn't dismiss my suggestion of anaphylaxis they also suggested it could be a panic attack (which I've never had before). Flush-itch symptoms showed up 20 minutes after the paramedics had left (80 minutes after ingestion).

As a research scientist (in a completely different field) I have to wonder if there is systematic under-reporting of hypERtensive allergic reactions due to the fact that the diagnostic criteria for anaphylaxis do not currently include hypERtension, and there is no corresponding diagnosis for "allergic reactions with hypERtension".

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15842228
[2] https://www.aaaai.org//anaphylaxis-hypertension
[3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articleshttps://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?xai=AKAOjsu-g8r9oCGLf_6njwHG4_aGrWpGS6lki5aFnN4siJnBoaXMNMQL2pqXIN-w29ERqi87R_8eETYWSyIEsFwMG-v_wWWwnWEBHtqAFk6yxFG__XHBW8ziKboCSEFAkgHUyio9lpBvB0oSUOEtDDTou7Tg4fRX06l28iYgAhGudOAXOHcSAavZDQK4IE2JEasHtE_YpFth3_xME4r14gNZzJGDI6Ug6AP2xi51bRF5SxX6HI1pTGOBbC_T6pnbX3DNFELYPRrEp3-6GbWwUaSO5KK0Op3rT5d_mI96e6qKceuM8EbFqGuLbrLePgA-d4LTj-vKz9Dx2qn6O-c7-goNk61saLXdicdp0RaprjMlYta85bbEDS1ma42BFBcA-RndvmSIo5OZPrqUTfQAuHWweTxf5igWXNJcJrqkvjfDCnDI_XgO3SgXHA-rUa4ZTgDLVCH8sPkQoyOBwRU-RviFLeUKzV_abBVP89hYnkdbebYciLJlKE8_SQEzZsBs6t4vbCz1IhDodzTbLXZ46baGbT1K0lFgUDebldioRkVs8l8XijvoBJtROxcfOv17HrF6KsjmI8jx8--Zae3sFcYSI1drF4KmQiHglamH4ZUvnJptuu3rdm0e70sEBk6zx1-QNtkwmiQUcRvr_-42g1fhb6hykyKgdyDgohbRumJpc-Kh9Dwk7gh_jUzTSrmcGX7Tj4RPEJ3G0Yr3Gq0ujuudCZ5aCzpvmVZsIicMwVml2OKx8HAoHpgsRi3fwzMSR6JTaI7-jdUMc_2vUK4s7DrDobwNSJL1P9li9svsFjaFWV3MgwYDA9fqPvjz4zyEwphm7gclSNWZTTGY96FnJYCtRjdHONpb35cCTsz1nona1UrJTewPphEm0oLnu1i_SY6mdRTF6SkWwApVTZORq1C6jcShKv9xijuxFg&sai=AMfl-YTEOaUrxQEadUNP-vgW006wGO1-puv81_-ReTl7s8HIMnp__-jvr_dzmSHGo0x2w3C3KV794FuWmzXql45BY3-4rcjZpQpX2qEbgsumCaYDDj90SpDCJKh2Zx9hylX-RpW8&sig=Cg0ArKJSzDhCyyMaeTee&urlfix=1&adurl=https://www.zyrtec.com/savings%3Futm_medium%3Ddisplay-static%26utm_source%3Dcadreon%26utm_term%3D211144858%26utm_content%3Dzyrtecdsave4spring2018%26utm_campaign%3Dus_zyrtecd_2018zyrtecd/PMC4970985/
[4] http://www.eaaci.org/attachments/Anaphylaxis%20guidelines%20Draft%204.5%202013%2006%20.pdf
Reference [3] is PMC4970985.  I don't know why all that extra gobbledegook got inserted.  Reference [2] is missing a term too, but Google what's there and you'll find it.
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I'm glad I found these posts.  I was recently admitted for afib, and am now on Flecainide and Dilziatem to control it.  So I have been watching both my pulse and blood pressure ( sometimes incessantly )  
A few times recently after eating I felt a little dizzy, so of course checked my BP and went into panic.  It is normally around 117/79 or even less.  Then one day after feeling this way I checked it.  This was right after dinner, and before taking my evening dose Flecainide.  My pulse was 77 and my  BP was 142/95  it scared the hell out of me.  Then later on in about an hour or two, it went back down to normal.  I almost had someone take me to emergency.  I told my cardiologist, and he put me on a holter monitor. 'Then today I had a stress test.  I won't get the results for awhile.  However this post makes me feel a bit less panicky.
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I have high blood pressure too. What Bloke1981 has explained is entirely true. In april 2009 I was rushed to the ER for a rapid heartrate after eating, 133 bpm. After ondergoing several test I was diagnosed (may 2009) with mild mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation. Since then I am on beta blockers, Nebivolol (Bystolic) for tachycardia. before that my resting heartrate was around 80/90. Now my heart rate is around 55-70. After two months of taking the med I am very happy beacuse I do not get the rapid heartrate anymore after eating and my high blood presure is also under control.

My message to you is: Do not panic. A bloodpressure of 142/95 is not normal but it is not dangerous after eating. Been there a lot of times. I will suggest that you discuss this with your dr. Also watch yor diet, cut back on sodium, exercise, drink a lot of water, use supllement like magnesium etc.

I wish you al the best,
I am glad to I read these posts because every time I eat my bp goes up, I have had high blood pressure since I was 17 years old am now 69 years old, my blood pressure has went all the way up to 246/161, I went to the er they got it down to about 159/93 but a couple of hours after I got home it went right back up to about 198/132. I went back to er they go it back down and sent me back home never getting it down to normal I am on three types of blood pressure medication and none o them seem to work I have tied every thing under the sun to try to get my blood pressure to normal, right now my blood pressure is 196/98 It be over an hour since I have eaten before I ate my blood pressure was 176/83. I don't know what to do any more I think the doctors are tiered o f me coming to the er so much they act a little snobby with me now.
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Thanks for your feedback.  I had a stress test yesterday, as well as having a holter for 24 hours prior.  I had told the doc about the episodes, but he said nothing.  Then today I got a call from his office.  He wants to see me.  Although I fear the worst, I hope he has good news.

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Good luck and let us know what the dr told you.

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I too have had these problems. I'm 43 and have been diagnosed in the past with borderline hypertension. After I eat salty junk food; fries, hamburgers, chips etc, even soda and beer would trigger my heart rate and blood pressure to increase. For me, I felt my body was telling me "What the hell did you just put in me, I don't like it". I wasn't fat, only about 25 pounds or so overweight. I'm 5'10 and weighed 188 at the time.

This experience has been life changing.

I made an appointment soon after with my doctor to discuss this and he quickly prescribed 25mg of Toprol. I measured something like 138/80. He didn't ask me what my lifestyle was. He didn't suggest any changes to my diet. He didn't even ask me what I ate in a given day. I knew though that I didn't want to take drugs for the rest of my life unless I absolutely had to. It's expensive AND can be unhealthy in the long run.

I knew I could use more exercise and a better diet. So I decided to take the Toprol he gave me yet would only take half while I exercised and ate better. He only gave me one months worth of pills insuring that I'd have to make more appointments to get more medicine. This actually worked well and my blood pressure dropped. Each time I saw him though he felt I needed to increase my Toprol dose. Upon questioning his reasoning, he said he wanted to improve my blood pressure just a little more. I've always had a borderline condition, since I was 18 I told him. No matter, he increased my dose to 50mg and then eventually to 100mg a day. Once again I took only half the pill and continued to exercise. I never did take any of the 100mg pills as I had plenty of half-pills left.

I felt he really didn't want me to get better, but get addicted instead. I've read all the warnings on Toprol. "Don't suddenly stop taking this drug" and the knowledge that it may (will) cause impotence stand out. There's a reason why the pharmacist whispered this to me. Yes, this was embarrassing, especially given the fact that the pharmacist was an attractive woman. It emboldened me further to continue exercising and get off Toprol.

On following visits to my doctor, my blood pressure was taken. Each time it was a little lower. Each time also he recommended an increase in my dosage, the highest up to 100mg. I resisted each time and felt I could use his knowledge without giving up my say in what dose of medicine I would agree to take. It was my body. My last visit to him I measured 117/70. I wasn't taking Toprol any more, not for 3-4 months. I told him so but don't think it sank in or maybe didn't hear me, I'm not certain.

A year later ... I still exercise. I still crave fast food, chips and beer and give in sometimes *smiles*. Many times I feel the same old symptoms. Not as much though and never as severe. A reminder of what my body dislikes. I've dropped down to 173 lbs and know within a year I'll be at my goal of 160ish. I look better. I feel better.

While I don't advocate ignoring a doctor's advice if you have a life-threatening condition, I do suggest you not be lazy and complacent.  Take control of your life and body.  Eat right and exercise.

As for my exercise program I've developed for myself ... Do things your comfortable with and can afford. "It's not a diet, its a lifestyle change". For me it was doing military things ... push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and pull-ups along with a curl bar. The magic bullet here was my treadmill I purchased. A $450 unit that I put a DVD player in front of. Its amazing how fast a 42 minute walk can pass. I plan on doing this till the day I die, which I'm pretty sure is a long ways off.

I wish you all good luck in duplicating my success.
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Such a relief to read these posts.  I have been having problems with sudden rapid increases in heart rate for around 3 months.  Have had numerous blood tests (all okay) and although my bp is around 160-180/90, my doctor seems no terribly worried.  Am going on a 24-hour heart monitor next week.  I noticed that my raised heart rate is generally in the evening.  I sort of wondered if that was because I was less busy in the evening and therefore noticed it.  But also suspected it might be related to food.  Had a suspicion it was either too much sugar, too much salt, too much fat or not enough water.
This morning I am not at work and after being too lazy to get a proper lunch, had a small handful (seriously only about 9 or 10) cachou nuts with a savoury coating.  Not long later, my heart rate was up to 100 and also seemed to be much more forceful.  A large glass of water seemed to bring it down fairly quickly (but this doesn't always work).  Decided to research on the web yet again but this time asking what foods cause increased HR rather than just what causes increased HR which gives thousands of reasons.  Am now determined to do as many of you suggest and stay off salty and articficially flavoured foods, fatty foods and nuts.
Will see what effect that has.  Certainly can't get anyone professional to agree that it has anything to do with sugar, but think I'll try to keep that to a minimum too.
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Yep, did the same for me with Cheez-Its way back.
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I too am glad to have found this group.  My med history started with HBP about 7 yrs ago, and controlled with meds.  Then just over a yr ago I developed bradycardia (slow heart rate)  and had a pacemaker implanted.  One yr later when they interrogated the pacemaker, it was discovered that I had A-fib (rapid fluttering of the atrium).  Since I didn't tolerate any beta blockers, I had the procedure, ablation, done.  Since then, I have had no A-fib and my blood pressure is normal... EXCEPT after I eat, especially large or meals high in carbs.  And since I am now so tuned into my heart, I feel the increase rate and occasional missed beat. I also experience a heaviness almost to the point of pain in my chest.  My cardo doc thinks it is panic attacks.  I am also type 2 diabetic, controlled with diet, exercise and meds.  I am wondering if this new symptoms could possibly be related to an insulin rush.  I have an appointment in a month with an endocrinologist, maybe she will have some insight.  But it is nice to know that I am not alone.
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I want to thank all  who share their experiences in groups like these. These real time experiences and suggestions are very helpful, especially in those moments when you really need some words of comfort.  The answers and suggestions here work like magic.  I want to share my experience here.
In 2007 I after watching several ads on TV, I went to see a cardiologist, who said I have hypertension and prescribed 50/12.5 hyzaar.  I should exercise and take this tablet everyday.  Until this point, I did not have a regular primary care doctor visits, and was never worried that I had any health problem.  I was not exercising regularly from 2005 and mostly stuck to my chair at work.  After taking Hyzaar for a few weeks I started feeling very good and I stopped taking any medication.  
Then it all started in 2008, after having a meal around 6.00pm at a fast food place (after having skipped lunch), while I was driving my breathing became heavy with a bloating sensation in the stomach.  A few minutes later, I had a tingling sensation in my left arm and in the palm. I tried to rest for a few minutes in the car parking on the road side. I had a feeling that I was having a heart attack.  I called 911 and in the ambulance, my blood pressure was at 180+ (did see the other readings).  They asked to calm down, which I could not and demanded that they take me to emergency.  Somehow, I felt that they did not think it was necessary.  In the emergency room, I think the doctor gave me something to calm down and at around midnight they did some tests and at about 3 am they said I was fine and I just had a panic attack.  I thought I was going to die.  But then they discharged me at 4 am.  I got into a taxi to go to my car and drove home.  
I was really worried and refused to believe that I am ok.  I made an appointment with a cardiologist.
I told him that I stopped taking my medication and I did not exercise as well.  I was 37 then.  I am 5'10" and was at 185lb.  They did the regular checkup and the doctor said that I should take the medication and must exercise.  I should not worry too much about work.  I was surprised that I was ok and then I narrated the above incident and the reason I came to see him.  He was surprised and then ordered that I should take a Stress test.  The test probably went ok, but then he ordered glucose tests.  The nurse who did the tests, I was Ok, but, the glucose tests showed sugar levels a little bit higher than they should be.  They then recommended that I see a primary health care doctor.  This doctor is the best I have seen so far.  The blood tests showed that I was low on Vitamin B, zero Iodine, very low Vitamin D (which gives shooting pains in the heart area).  I was given shots for Vit B, Vit D capsules, Iodoral for Iodine along with increased dosage of Hyzaar and a strong pills for Diabetes.  Three months later, my vitamins levels were good, iodine content was good but I was not feeling good at all.  I had blood in my stools.  I had to see another doctor in the same clinic, who saw all the information about my situation on the computer notes, said that I may be having side effects with the tablets for diabetes and changed the medicene.  
During this entire period, there was no change in my condition related to bloating.  I continued to see blood in my stools.  I was not eating well.  I get dehydrated and lost weight.  Lost interest in work and in general feeling very dull.  I wake up in the middle of the night with a racing heart.  Another visit to the doctor resulted in a check for hemorrhoids and of course,  more medicines.   I started feeling high pulse rates during the day as well.  One of the emergency visits, ECG revealed no problem.  Because of the emergency nature I see doctor#3, who thought that it may be a good idea to get an x-ray on my stomach.  
This and continued reading of the posts and some research on the internet gave me an idea that I should see a doctor for gastroenteritis.  Here I was given Aciphex which worked like magic for bloating problem.  But because I mentioned about blood in my stools, I was asked to undergo tests for ulcers, cancer etc.  None were detected.
I had to see the primary care doctor every 3 months for blood tests as a insurance requirement to monitor my health status.  The doctor was very particular about using medicines for diabetes, blood pressure and bunch of other medicines in the high dosages recommended.  
I decided to attack the problem.  I made some changes to my diet, started walking almost every day, made sure that I was drinking water more frequently and upon a friend's suggestion stopped taking the pill for diabetes.  In the subsequent two blood test over a period of six months, my sugar levels were normal.  During my next visit, I confessed to the doctor I stopped taking the diabetes pill.  The doctor was not overly surprised and was happy that my sugar levels were under control.  
After this I was treated for a type of spondylosis (cant remember the name), went for physiotherapy, took medicines for H Pylori etc.  
After 16 months of all these medicines and treatments, several gallons of blood tests, I was asked by the doctor to stop taking all the medicines except the pill for blood pressure.  I still have a racing heart especially after eating, sometimes in the middle of the night, still have bloating stomach after eating.  I dont eat certain foods that I think give me this feeling, which helps me some days.  I am walking more regularly.  I feel good most of the days, but whenever my heart races I dont feel good.  I am addicted to checking my blood pressure very often.  I skipped a few more details to keep it as short as possible.

Reading the posts such as here helps me a lot in dealing with my situation.  I still have the racing heart and rise in BP after eating.  I am trying to deal with it mentally.  I do not think any doctor has a cure for it.   Doctors do not think that I have any life threatening problem (or any problem for that matter).  Anxiety/panic attack is very hard to take out of your mind.  I feel that eating right and regular exercise are the best one can do for oneself to feel and live better.    I am going to search for alternative means like yoga/meditation or may be something like mind training exercise to get the feeling of being sick out of my mind.  Hopefully I will find some way to get out of this situation.  
The racing heartbeat that your feeling could be a-fib caused by sleep apnea. It can cause a-fib.You need to get a sleep test for this. I had a-fib for 8 years, just had an ablation for it. Whenever I'd eat most times it would cause my a-fib to act up. My cardiologist says they don't know why eating causes this raise in heart rate and he is the top doc for arrhythmia in the U.S. I came to this forum because I periodically check my BP and I did today right after I ate and it was 148/85. I run on the low side. I was shocked and thought it might be due to just eating. Two hours later it was back to normal. After researching it I'm sure eating was the reason. Anyone with a racing heart should be checked for a-fib and sleep apena. Cardiologist for racing heart and sleep doctors for apnea check. Good luck!
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go to a fib help and read my comments they will help you. Metroprolol is the best med for high blood pressure.
Actually, broccoli is.  
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I'm 30 and I also have this problem.  I was having some digestive problems as well As the heart and bp symptoms, so I decided to see my Gastoenterologist.  She did a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy and found inflammation in my small intestine.  I was cleared for Celiac's Disease but becuase some of my antibodies were high I think it was IgA, she said I was probably sensitive to gluten.  I've been limiting my gluten to a very small amount for 2 weeks and my digestive problems have basically gone.  I accidentally ate a sandwich at a party today that made my stomach hurt and also gave me the rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure.  I'm not sure if those symptoms would be related to the gluten sensitivity or not, but I have seen almost an elimination in symptoms since I started limiting the gluten.  I try not to eat anything with anything in the ingredients that have wheat.  The majority of things that include gluten are pastas, breads, cereals, and breaded meats. You can still have other grains and starches like oatmeal, corn, potatos, and rice.  
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having read all posts I feel I have had the same problem but my heart felt like it was comming out of my chest ! This has happend about 10 times over ten years but I always felt it was because I drank to much.(only beer not spirits). once after I ate dominos pizza, also feels like cold fresh air in deep breaths helps bring my heart back to normal but make no mistake each time I felt that I was a dying!
This week I went on a gluten free diet and never felt better. More energy, clear headed and my heart rate is way down. usualy after my day of pizza, subs and beer my heart rate would be at least 95 beats per min. Now after a salad with chicken and my wine its about 78. Also I didnt nearly keel over today after my mile run(I usualy get all kinds of pains in my chest and sholder) but rather felt great! I'm 40 and 197pounds. thanks to all whose comment I read.
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i've had related issues. it all started about 3 yrs ago when i taken a colon cleanser. my heart rate and bp elevated. i was in and out of the er. with panic attacks. i went to a heart dr and he gave me a few test, ekg, holter moniter, echo cardio gram, blood work then put me on a beta-blocker. this made it worse so i stopped taking them i tried getting in contact with the heart dr and his office pretty much blew me off. either because i was young or i had no insurance.   anyways i went to another heart dr and he gave me stress test and tilt table test. stress test was fine but my tilt table showed that my heart rate jumped from about 73 to 133 in 3 secounds. come to find out i have POTS(postural orthastatic tachacardia syndrome). i think that all this has givin me a panic disorder over all this time not including some of the stress thats in my life.       To conclude i didn't see anything about a tilt table test or POTS  in any of the other post as i was skimming through them, so i thought i would throw this out there. maybe some can relate. good luck to all                                              
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That is the best response I've heard thus far--I've been dealing with this since I was 25...it sort of set in suddenly during a very stressful period of my life. It seems that certain foods bring it on and I notice it without any monitors of any kind, just in my own chest cavity. It's very annoying but I've come to realize over the years that it's nothing life-threatening. I had all the heart tests done and nothing came up abnormal. For me, peanut butter, muffins, juice--those kinds of super high fat/sugar things bring it on. I just try to eat peanut butter in small amounts and I've stopped muffins and juice all together.

The digestive solution you presented is very informative. Thank you!
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