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Short Runs of SVT after AVNRT Ablation

Hi everyone, I've been in this forum for a while, just never posted. I had an ablation for AVNRT back in August and it appears successful, and as a surfer am back to doing what I loved without the fear of SVT ending my sessions in the ocean. I'm a 31yr/M. I would get svt most times for 3-5 minutes before the procedure at 240bpm requiring me to intervene to break it.

My question... I have had 2 brief runs of SVT following the same format as before the procedure. I get a right timed PAC during exercise, and bam, I get that heavy feeling in the chest and it starts to fire up. Although it only lasts for about 2-3 seconds and 8-10 beats then fizzles out, doesn't sustain, and I am back to a normal rhythm, and I don't stop exercising.

Not to sound paranoid, but is this normal post ablation? I just have had this twice in the last month, and lost some sleep last night thinking my SVT is going to come back sustained again. I missed a decade of my life in competitive surfing to this annoying condition. Anyone have any insight? I am currently 4 months post procedure, and loving every wave I am able to catch again!

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Hi James,
I glad to hear that you had your ablation.  That's great, and you'll be 100% by the time surfing season ramps up.  What you're experiencing is totally normal.  You may experience short runs of SVT for over a year following the ablation.  In fact, three years after mine, I still get an occasional short run here or there.  Just remember the path that caused the SVT is still there. There's been merely a roadblock put across it to prevent conduction. An occasional pulse may get by.  I look at it as something to be expected.  Enjoy you life SVT free, James!
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Like Tom said, more than likely you will be just fine.  I had all sorts of odd feelings after my ablation.  You may never totally get rid of everything but so long as you don't fall into anything sustained then you should be fine.  That said, if you did get it back usually a second ablation would cure you for good so try not to fret.  Best of luck with your surfing.  Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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OK OK.  By "same format", I assume you mean that it has the same 12  lead surface ecg, or that your ep told you that it is the same "format". Is this something your ep is aware of and have you fully discussed it with them?

Glad to hear you are surfing again.  Before having an ablation, I experienced one or two episodes of SVT while surfing myself.  Thankfully, never while taking on any seriously large wave,  but yes, these episodes pretty much ruined the session. I can absolutely exercise hard as I want at this point, but need to be careful with longer term effects (i.e. exercise stress created over several days or weeks) as this creates some chemistry changes unique to my particular tachycardia that leave me prone to experiencing mild tachycardia.  I then know to cut back a bit and rest or take a little beta blocker.

Maybe you would want to discuss your options with your EP?

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Tom and Michelle, thanks for your reassurance. Tom, now is actually a great time to surf, wetsuit technology is amazing nowadays. Winter storms  bring the goods!  Bromley, you're correct, I wanted to talk to my EP before I responded. I wasn't hooked up to anything, I was just going on my life long experience of knowing my body and the condition. (since I surfed with it for so long, I had to have it down to a science before the ablation)

My EP thinks it was more likely a run of premature beats that failed to conduct since it didn't sustain than SVT. My EP did think if/when it happens again she is going to send me a monitor to capture it to be on the safe side. I don't think she is that worried however, because she told me to continue winter surfing, as well as my planned surf trips to Barbados and California over the winter as normal.

The fact that it didn't sustain is has me convinced that it isn't anything to worry about. My EP did say she would torch me again if it ever came back sustained. I certainly can live with whatever little 3 second event that occurred. It's a 99% improvement! Going to paddle out as we speak!

Be well everyone!

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Very good, James.  Best of luck for your winter surfing.  Yes, I recall Atlantic Winter swells as being thick and extremely powerful, breaking further out than in the summer.  I used to use a two piece full wetsuit with a hood and booties.  If you fell feet first, icy water would "inflate" the top and it was almost paralyzing.  Never used a modern dry suit, but they sound so much better!  Now onto enjoying life!
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I definitely get little runs of premature beats something I don't think we will ever get rid of but no sustained svt is the goal.  Have fun surfing.
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