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Test results for cause of PVC's

I am a 51 year old male suffering from irregular heart rhythm PVC's. On May 6th my heart went into a irregular rhythm not fast but 3 to 4 regular beats then a PVC. Over the last 3 weeks the irregular beat changes from steady 3 and a skip to all kinds of skips. I have experienced lone atrial fib over my lifetime at ages 18, 26, 35, 43 but this is not Afib. The cardiologist at the time of my Afibs did not recomend any medication just eliminate caffiene and take 81 mg of aspirin because they happen so far apart. I went to the cardilologist regarding the PVC's.
Can you please comment on my test results?

24 hr Holter monitor results.
Average Heart Rate = 62.
Min heart rate = 44.
Max heart rate = 96.
1,589 ventricular premature beats all isolated.
There were 948 supraventricular premature beats with 1 supraventricular couplet.

Echocardiogram results.
Left ventricle borderline enlarged diastolic diameter 5.7cm.
LV Ejection Fraction 70%.
LV fractional shortening 40%.
Very mild enlargment of the left atrium, LA systolic diameter 4.2cm..
Mild physiological mitral and tricuspid regugitation.
No focal wall motion abnormalities, no apical thrombi, no left ventriculer hypertrophy.

ECG results.
Heart rate = 61 beats per minute.
Marked left axis deviation.
QT/QTc 406/409ms consistent with LAFB.
Slight ventricular conduction delay.
RSR in V1.
ECG without significant abnormalties.

Can someone tell me what these mean? The cardiologist said nothing to worry about. I am going to to have a stress echo because i am freaked out to exercise. Up until this happened I did resistent excercise 5-7 days per week, 60 pushups, 200 ab crunches, and 1/2 hour of weight lifting. No real regular cardio just weight lifting.I would go on regualr bike rides with no issues.

Thank you in advance.

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All those results look pretty good from an amatuer point of view, I think your doctor is correct.   What makes you think the cardilogist is misleading you?  you could always go get a 2nd opinion if you're not happy with what you are hearing now.
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you would be best asking in the doctor forum as we arent doctor, im seem to see a lot of people posting ecg results, can i just ask did the doctor not explain anything to you because my doctor had to see the results before i went home, if you do the stress test and you pass you'll be fine, some meds that are used to treat arryhtmias can set off other arrthymias and tend to be dangerous, id stick with aspirin to prevent blood clots
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