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What is a safe tapering plan for atenolol 25mg?

I am currently taking Losartan 50mg in the morning ( 2 yrs) and Atenolol 25mg (12 years) in the evening. I am a jogger and have had no problems. I'm training for a half marathon and had a extreme low blood pressure occurrence 2 days ago. Both my BP specialist and my cardiologist want me off the Atenolol. But their suggestions are quick tapering. I'm on my second day and had BP problems for about 2 hrs this morning ...BP now is 135/65 HR 53. Any Suggestions ?
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Also, can I continue training while tapering?
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Don't understand, the BP and HR look good to me, unless you are dizzy at a HR of 53.  Given your apparent condition it is not surprising you have such a low resting HR.

As for Beta Blockers, I have no problems doing radical does level changes.  I have been on one or another beta blocker for about 15 years, as high as 100 mg twice a day.  I'm now on 25 mg twice a day of Atenolol, my pick.  I like its longer half life, as I have chosen to take a normal (not slow release) twice a day.  If I miss a does I am totally unaware of it until I open my pill case and say "*)&^()" I forgot to take my pills (yes I take other stuff too).
I take BB and Calcium Channel blocker to slow my HR driven by AFib.  So my HR goes up when I miss a BB, but it come back in line as soon as I get back on schedule.
When I was able to control my AFib with meds I was run for exercise guy, up to age 67, and found the meds slowed my HR only slightly.  I have never had high BP problems, but have had unwanted very low BP with I was on the 200 mg a day BB, that is when CB was added and BB reduced, abruptly.  I think my cardiologist sees no problem with sudden changes in does level.  At the 25 mg level I think I could just stop taking cold turkey.. but that's me, not advice for you, people have different reactions.  

Good fortune on your marathon - half is still way farther than any run/jog I have ever accomplished.

Merry Christmas
Thanks Jerry .... when I was having my BP problems it shot up to 180/95  .... I was almost on my way to the hospital ... but I told myself to relax and it started coming down .... the BP reading in my letter was after laying around for a while ...so Merry Christmas to you as well !!!!!!
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