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Zoloft and nsvt

Has anyone taken Zoloft and had it affect there nsvt??
I have nsvt and im afraid to take Zoloft. Any suggestions?
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Are you taking the generic or name brand?
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generic ... will start tomorrow im starting at 25mg but im cutting it into 1/4 four eight days then half for eight days then full.. its because i am such a light weight and always react to meds. I do take ativan and i forgot if its ok to take both together
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My only suggestion is to check on who the generic mfg is.  I had a bad arrhythmic reaction to one brand of generic Zoloft, and it turns out the problem is pretty common.

I hate to generalize, but in general, if the mfg is from India (such as Aurobindo), consider getting your generic Zoloft elsewhere.  My recommendation is Greenstone, as it's owned by the company that makes the name brand, and I've read that the formulation is identical.

I've been on 3 different Sertraline generics (Aurobindo, Teva and Greenstone) as well as the name brand, and Greenstone does seem to be the same as the name brand.
Way to put off people who may have taken a life-changing drug.
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That's the way I would approach it.  Quarter that stuff up.   Lotta sides when you first start, it takes a few weeks to get used to it and up to 6 for full effect.  You can also tee up a benzo when getting on it to help with the side effects when ramping up.

I liked Wisconsin's suggestion too.  I've also seen some difference in generics.  I've also noticed with generics that the potency can vary from pill to pill.  The QC just isn't there.
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Do you mean like ativan. I  have 1mg ativan that i half up and take twice daily.. or should i just skip the zoloft all togehter .. but i am having some depression issues right now. But im pretty nervous about taking it. I tried it once and I took a quarter of a 25mg pill then slept for two and half hours.. weird i know but im pretty sensitive... what to do
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yep, ativan is a benzo.

Xanax is another alternative.  I've always felt Xanax is a better PRN benzo (as - needed) than Ativan.  Just my anecdotal impression over the years working with people coming on and getting off SSRIs.
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What has you nervous about the Zoloft?
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My heart arrthymia has me nervous... it makes me nervous about taking anything.. I just dont want my nsvt to go nuts.. also the generic name brand is northstar... for the zoloft.
I have heard from people on antidepressants that after a month it made them feel flat and didnt care about anything or anyone... im already that way even without the antidepressants... I just want something to make me feel happy for once...
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That's possible, but I think that happens when you're on too high a dose.  I was feeling great at 50mg, then I let my doctor talk me into 100mg (and I'm thinking hey, if 50mg is good, 100mg will be great, right?), and I got that same way.  Nothing worried me, which is good, but it also made me a bit careless, which isn't good.  So I've trimmed back to 75mg and seem to have found a pretty good middle ground - stress is still mostly absent but I'm happy, too.

Unfortunately I can't speak with any authority on Northstar.  I've tried to Google them to find out where they're based, but I can't find anything.  What does it say on the bottle?  
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The bottle just says north star... Im glad I havent stared it yet because my heart has been acting up today and I would be blaming the zoloft had I taken it.
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