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afib relief

Just something to think about.
This is a possible answer for all those who have afib.
I have had afib for over 20 years with no relief from medication, 2 ablations and 5 cardioversions.
The doc's we're talking about Wolf maze precedure he called it the cut & sew procedure or a pacemaker.
Neither sounded good for me.
I've been saying for years my heart is fine it's not my heart causing the afib it's something else.
I went to an acupuncturist 3 weeks ago.
I am now off all meds. and out of afib and have been out of afib for 10 day for the first time in years.
I am cleansing the body with juicing (vegetable juice) a special blend for 2 weeks now. The Eastern Medicine Dr. said I needed to cleanse the body and get my Kidneys, liver and other organs to function better.
It seems to be working!!!
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Congratulations.  For you the proof is the result...not sure what the general experience would/will be.

Did you look up a specific type of acupuncturist, is there a cardio-acupuncturist?
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I have had similar relief from my weekly accupuncture treatment. She also has helped me "clean up" my diet and my choices of supplements(vitamins etc.) I feel much improvement. No cure but more liveable. However will see Cardio Dr. next week for more info. regarding PACs and bradycardia which I feel came on from being on Amiodarone prescribed for after electo cardioversion for AFib. But then .....I'm not a Doctor.
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What is your special blend of vegetable juices?   PLEASE SHARE WITH US how many of each and how often do you drink them?   I currently have a-fib and just started into juicing!  I truly believe juicing and change of diet and lifestyle are the main "ingredients" to help cure a-fib!  Maintaining a more vegetarian diet, cutting salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, losing weight if obese is easy with juicing, cutting caffeine, alcohol, sodas, drinking more water, no dairy products except maybe fat-free milk, performing moderate exercise plus meditation or yoga.
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absolutely would love to see that juicing recipe, frequency, etc.  definitely cannot hurt to try it and might really help.
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What I meant to ask was:   What does the vegetable juice recipe consist of and how often do you "wash" with the juice?
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