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could you get here?

Several of you have asked me via notes to add an occasional update of where I've got to in the mountains as I have had extremely bad SVT for 21 years and frequent PVC's which have ruined my life until I started to fight back just over four years ago. Starting with yoga, meditation and crystals I then started walking in great fear but now I am out every weekend in all weathers where few 'normal' people venture and where I work, which has over a thousand people, i am considered by all to be the fittest person there and have now started a mountaineering club where I take groups of 15 people up into the mountains , many for the first time! What a laugh when you consider my history.
Recently I got through the clouds and got a good photo looging down with a peak below me poking through the clouds. I have put this on my profile  - so have a look and ask yourself could this be you?
My start point was a full of fear couch potato who even drove to the local shop and my end point is any mountain I want, rain, gales, fog , snow -  I;m often the only one up there.
My point is -  it's fear that is holding us back - the doctors tell us we're OK - so believe them and see where you could end up.
It would be great to see posts from you showing us all where you have got to. Every little step helps ease the fear and it's great to get confidenec back.
hope to hear where you've got to - no matter how small the start.
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oh, I will try to loose that fear. It's difficult.... I know it's not dangerous, but it's so darn unconfortable and yes, scary, when it happens. When it does happen, all I want to do is curl up in bed, be in my home, and wait until it passes. Or go about my normal routines (possibly around people and near a hospital, etc etc). Crazy but true.

but I will try, heck, I try constantly, because I have to and because I want to. I want to live as normal a life as possible and enjoy life. But the fear is never far away.

Thanks Dave for your posts, very comforting...
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When my heart problems started i was scared to even walk to my mailbox and back(less than a 10 minute walk) but there came a point when i decided heck i cant live like this, sitting around expecting my hr to run up and every little while checking it to see what my hr is ...so i got off my butt started walking just a few minutes each day and now i walk about half an hour each day and im going to increase that time slowly now that i know it wont kill me.Also started eating mostly healthy foods allmost no junk food ever just the every now and then few bites of something sweet like once every few days ill have a small (allmost invisible) piece of cake and thats doing good considering before my hr problem and mvp i was in the habit of eating a large piece of cake for breakfast,potato chips for lunch and a mcchicken sandwich for dinner:( Also i was a very heavy smoker 2 pks a day now im down to only bout a half a pk and trying daily to muster up the will to stop alltogether and i know i will because i know i have to if i want to live and i have so much to live for.So thats where i am now and im doing alot better aside from the every so often feeling my ht skipping a few beats and in the evening hr is a little high but not so high to scare me to much the odd thing is after my walk lately unlike when i started the walking my hr is lower than before the walk around 74 usually which is very good.greendave iv never seen a real mountain ever only in books or on tv.I so much envy you and those that have and have even climbed one but im planning a short vacation this spring in Gatlinburg Tennessee to at last see one for the first time.And yall are right this site has been like a lifeline for all of us with these heart problems and living in fear is no way to live greendave is so right on that.
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What an inspiring post. Yuo are doing just what I did and fighting back in a sensible way. Those little things addup and I so agree with you that we still need little treats as nothing is bad in moderation. I loved to drink but now i have to limit it so i drink only the best and enjoy my couple all the more. Smoking was hard as I loved my cogarettes but I eventually gor rid of them too and you are well on the way with that too.
I hope you enjoy the mountains when you go on vacation this spring but doing what you are doing is just so right.
Your post has really made me feel good to know that there is another person out there fighting back and I hope a lot more follow our example.
best wishes
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u know reading these what hits me just speaking for myself it that i never had a problem with exercise or going outdoors on my own ,i have walked for miles and miles with my dogs up mountains {not as high as your mountains dave } but little ones lol ,into deep dark forests ,kinda scary even lost the dogs a few times ,but the biggest fear for me would driving ,and if the palps were bad at night ,lying there awake wishing ,praying for them to go ,wondering why they wont stop ,what was causing them ,in the end i would think myself to sleep ,i am not good in crowds much more either since the svt ,when my svt hit first ,it hit really hard ,i was rushed to hosiptal twice and kept in for days twice ,my ablation was a rush in the end cause my rate was high and cause of my age ,35 at the time ,i worked in a physical job in contruction,and still do not as active on the ground now but i have no problem going up on a roof and that ,but the driving gets me a lot ,,,i have to say the whole thing has changed me better or worst i am not sure...but i think svt and arrthyhmias etc makes a person very aware of their body what is going on inside i read that on a lot of the posts here ,the fear ,the worry ,the doubts that seem to root into our minds about the tach ...i am going to move forward with the things i want to accomplish in my life and allthough i know the fear walks along side of me ,i welcome it and if the fears wants to, we shall dance together and step on its toes i shall cause i want to live .be happy .feel free ...,i am not sure if i could climb up a big mountain like that right now ,but who knows time is a healer and my clock is ticking ,i know i have had to give up quite a few things that i miss cause of my hr but it is all about balance and peace of mind regaining confidence in your body and the  wonderful  machine that it is .we all have fear in some form or another and it is a terrible thing and for those who have tasted how bitter it can be it is demeaning ,but it does not have to be this way ,learning to control it ,trick it ,educate it ,realase it will prove to be your most valuable asset.
i gald there are people posting in here who wish to improve their life with these rhythms and i know together we can make a diference so to all of you who read this and are making a diference i salute you and admire u for being who u are

great people in here
good post dave
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Thanks Dave, yeah the way i look at it i might drop dead in my tracks one day doing whatever i can to get healthy but by Golly i wont be going down without a fight and i cant or anyone cant get better by letting fear rule over their lives.Lagoya i use to fall asleep to worrying about my heart problem just like you but like you say there came a time when i decided it was time to move forward with my life and my heart problem might kill me someday for real but for now the fear wont rule my life or ruin it, and i admire and sulute you both and all those that are doing their best to overcome the fear that these crazy heart problems create and i know its soooo difficult to let go of that fear but it is possible and Thank God for that.        
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Inspiring thread here.  I was there once.  I'm sure most of us were there, but the set backs of fear and anxiety of our hearts beating is so exhausting.  When we feel we've achieved a better understanding or we've accomplished a goal, something else tends to happen, or we feel different sensations to send our minds whirling again in the opposite direction of where we want to go.

As for myself, I have no idea where to go at this point.  I know that I have to focus or have something to focus on to really stop the cycle of fear the surrounds me everyday.  I never thought in a million years that I'd be worried about this at 32 years old.  I'm sure many of us get frustrated and ask or shout out 'why me?'.  I'm looking forward to the tough road ahead, and I really want to thank everyone here for their support and their stories It has by far helped me achieve higher understanding.  Zach
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We have a lot in common as to the start. I was an infantry soldier so was ultra fit and spent every day under physical stress and loved it. If i was on leave and wanted to see my parenys 10 miles away I'd just run there and then run back  - I never ever had any problems or eve thought about my heart. Then at 31 completely out of the blue I ended up in hospital with a suspected heart attack and my life changes.
You have a wonderful way with words and I admire your spirit.
Driving is something else  - even now i have to pull over sometimes in the early morning on my drives to the mountains and walk for a bit - sometimes going to work is the same - why? I'll start a post and find out how many of us have this problem.
you really sum up the frustration of living a life stalked by fear - so this is what we are doing together here as we try and work a way to live a good quality life.
again - what a spirit.
I love threads where we get into the realities of living with hr issues and are open and honest with each other.
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What an inspiration you are, Dave !!
Keep up the good work....
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this is therapy for us all being able to share our fears and then how we are fighting back. We've got some great people here.
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This mountain picture looks like it was taken form an airplane.  What was you altitude?
Did the climb involve glacier hiking with crampons on the like?

I've filed links to this and your "driving" thread for later careful reading.

Guess I'm luck that my heat problems are all atrial related, so I am mostly spared the hard thumping the ventricle is capable of producing.  My main goal now is to reduce my Metoprolol dependence.  I'm down to 50 mg daily now.
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Yes Dave, I agree.

I have always been anxious throughout my life even at a very young age, but until recently (the past 3 or 4 years) I've noticed a growing sensation of fear of dying.  I don't know if it has arrived because of my guilt, and 'is a higher power to judge me'?

I experience overwhelming sensations that send me into a irrational frenzy of 'what if' types of scenarios and deranged thoughts.  The irrational thoughts compile into a heaps of intellectual innuendos.  Then the self-diagnosing settles in.  Before I know it I'm diagnosing myself with every quirk and twinge I experience in my body and haste to have a intellectual answer to why I'm feeling these sensations.  I used to do this to calm myself by literally lying to myself that I would be okay.  I think I ran out of excuses. :)

I smoke, I drink, eat improperly, and have bad sleeping habits.  I am, however, a active person and do not live a complete sedentary lifestyle.  This has changed dramatically over the last 6 months.  I've changed all my bad habits thinking it would be the answer. I do feel better somewhat physically but not mentally.  It has actually
strained my mental state even more because I cannot live the old lifestyle that I love. What is the answer to this type of despair? To conquer this fear of dying and our hearts racing and skipping all the time is mastering relaxation? To not live in excessive fear anymore I hope can one day be a reality for me.

I've always been the people pleaser type, and strive to be the best at everything.  Some call it the 'Type A' personality.  I seem to always have an answer for everything, and If I don't know the answer I will come up with it or even make the best intellectual guess.  I am polite about it though.  I do not push the envelope. I don't get hyper and obnoxious and become verbally irrational towards others. I just have a divine will of bettering my existence with knowledge.  This has gotten me in trouble with my own body, and my best intellectual guess now is I've triggered my bodily instinct to survive without any intellect. (mid brain)  Sometimes I wish I wasn't smart. -- Zach
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Hi Jerry
that photo was taken at 3600 feet which outside of Scotland is as high as you can get in the UK but it is all relative as the start was from about 100 feet so you get a good feel of height up there. In the snow an ice axe was useful in case of slips as there are some cliffs with 1500 foot drops which I would not want to slide over.
Great news about getting Metoprolol down to 50mg daily.
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