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heart palpitations

Just ate a homemade tuna w/spinach & herb tortilla tomates bean sprouts red onion and kerns ceasar dressing. My heart read 92 BPM and I have a slight headache.  Whats wrong?
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I get a vagal response after eating (especially spicy things) with irregular beats.  Also, sometimes on an empty stomach I get  a headache and pain that runs along the vagus nerve, next to the esophagus to my stomach.  I don't recall my hr being higher, but I will take note next time it happens.  Good luck.
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Heart rate always increases after eating.. 92 is still in the normal range. I cannot have tuna or anyting with omega 3 in it, it bothers my arrthymia.. I know they say omega 3 is good for the heart but for some it can make your arrthymias worse which is my case.
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What happens when you don't eat so much spicy stuff?

A HR of 92 after eating wouldn't worry me... well me years ago before I developed atrial fibrillation. Now I can hit 92 without even eating, just stand up and walk around on a level floor.

I do not assume any relationship between the HR an a headache, do you?

At age 47 and in good physical condition you should able to exercise with a HR as high as 150, maybe more, for an hour and this would be good for your heart/lungs, and weight :)
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