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inconsistent arrhythmia symptoms

I noticed that on some days, my palpitations are more frequent and more severe than others.  On average, I get about 3-4 instances of palpitations per day.  Mostly these feel like single premature beats, but sometimes they feel like a tickle or a flutter, possibly indicating couplets or NSVT.  The most confusing thing is my symptoms during sexual/intimate activity.  I am mostly able to have sex without palpitations, but sometimes I get horrid attacks during sex.  It starts with single premature beats, and if I don't slow down, I go into bigeminy and suffer repeated NSVT episodes (usually 3 beat runs).  For example, I experienced this around mid July this year.  I was unable to have sex for about 3 weeks afterwards, as I would always get palpitations.  Then it went away, and I was able to have sex just fine until late October, when it started happening again and lasted about a week.  I'm back to normal again.  Last night I had sex twice and attained a strong orgasm twice and I did not have any palps.  Does the periodic nature of these attacks during sex indicate anything?
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Like I mentioned before. It is not indicative of anything, or at least it’s not specific to anything.
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