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vitamin d supplements

hello everyone
i was diagnosed with pvs's about 15 years ago, over the last few years they have driven me to the brink of insanity where i now see a psychologist, i take sotalol 2 x day and there was a point about 6 months ago where my resting hr was about 58-63, 58 felt to slow to me but my cardiologist assures me it is all fine.
about 2 years ago i started having unrelated health issues which i see several specialists for, none of which can figure it out
i take a small dose magnesium supplement to help with ibs cramps and daily vit d capsule (blood results years ago were very low)
2 weeks ago i decided to stop my vit d and see if it made any difference to my 'other' health issues
now they have all but gone for the last 6 days, my pvc's have settled right down to bearable and ignorable BUT my hr has increased, not significantly but now sits on about 66-70 resting, this may sound fantastic to most but it freaks me out a little as im used to it being so slow
has anyone found a link to vit d supplements and pvs's/hr
thank you
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