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ive been having racing heart for a while i took a holter test and got my report , my dr said it was normal but on report it says predominant rythm was sinus and vea was rare and multiform. also i notied my test showed 6vpbs had 6 isolated vpbs  also showed 20percent prematurity at times i noticed heart rate at 145 at 12am . now also on indications it says dysrhythmia unspecified should i go for second opinion or not worry
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Was the doctor supervising your monitor and results a cardiologist?  If not, you may want to consider seeing one, and take your holter results along with you.

If a cardiologist, then I would assume there's nothing to worry about.  As for the 145 HR at 12 am (i.e., midnight) I assume you were asleep and may have had an exciting dream.  

You didn't say what your normal HR is, but 145 when at rest is in the troubling range in my mind, but not if something excited you.
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I had similar heart rates at sleep. See your cardiologist about sleep apnea. Vivid dreams and high heart rate are some signs of this disorder. The test is simple and painless. you just get hooked up to some monitors and go to sleep. I found my heart rate increased during my dream states dramatically.
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thanks ive been checked and i do have a mild sleep apnea, but i also have thyroid nudles and wandering if thats why my hr is high, i see cardio in 2weeks, mabe its just becouse of apnea
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