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Facing Hemorrhoid Surgery

Has anyone had a hemrrhoidectamy/hemorrhoid removal? I saw a colorectal surgeon last week and he said I have a thrombosed hemorrhoid and said it's not likely it will ever heal without removal. I'm not too worried because both my parents had the same surgery but just wondering what to expect. The doc said it would be a painful surgery but I guess he was just being honest with me. I've been in a lot of pain especially with bowel movements and I'm ready for this to be over. Is hemorrhoidectamy a permanent cure for this? I tend to have a rather tight sphincter too and have had fissures in the past so will this help that also?

The doc didn't mention lancing or banding. Would that be an option? At this point I'm inclined to just have it done and be done with it. Like I said both parents had it done and they did ok and are fine now. I'm 32 so I'm hoping I heal fast and this works once and for all and stops my fissures and roids.
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I've had a  hemorrhoidectomy earlier this year, February to be exact. It was the best decision I ever made. I had a few external hemms removed as an outpatient early one Friday morning. I didn't not experience much pain afterwards. I did follow the instructions sheet I was discharged with. I used Epsom salt in sitz baths. I drank plenty of water and used the stool softeners prescribed and, instead of tissue, I used indented baby wipes after bowel movements. Baby wipes is what I use to this day and again I have no regrets!!!!
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Hi daniel, thanks for sharing, same case here, i feel sore for about 5 days now. Im not sure how to clean my after bowel movement, but i tried to clean it during sitz bath. Is it what you did on first week?
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Yes, hemorrhoidectomy is one of the most common types of surgery for thrombosed hemorrhoid. The healing period takes about 2-3 weeks. Banding is usually an option for those who has internal hemorrhoid.
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