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Hemorrhoids Community

I had a successful hemorrhoidectomy in 2022. Was an avid mountain biker prior. I'm terrified to get back on the bike. Who in this foru...
I have colitis which has been in remission for several years (most recent colonoscopy in October 2023). Seeing any blood even a speck fre...
I'm trying to help a friend in a third world country who has limited access to medical facilities. He is a 30 year old male with history ...
Hi. Okay so this is a embarrassing situation that led to this. I had carved pumpkins and had eaten some pumpkin seeds, about a half a cup...
Hi I’ve had external haemorrhoids on the rim of my anus for about 7 years now and they do not go away. They swell up when I defecate and ...
I got really drunk the other night blacked out for hours and don’t remember anything for about 2 hours. my *** was in pain I looked and...
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