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Cure Hepetitis B birinapant and entecavir YES ITs Working

So i was searching, and i found it. the article


There is no need to be scared anymore. the cure is already here. i have been on a lot of herbal therapy which really helped me, and still helping dough. i managed to get hold of these two medications birinapant and entecavir and i must say my results are drastically changing and am getting cured. i know a lot of people will ask me how but i did and i was ready to take the risk, this is a self decision nothing to do with pharma company trial, i bought it and am taking it on my own risk, and as i say my blood test are super good.

I was formally on BHT and some other supplements like Chanca padre, Alfa lipoid Acid and others. they are also very good. they kept my liver in good shape till now, i know in another 1 month i should be able to clear HBV

any question?
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This is highly interesting. Normally Birinapant has to be infused in a 30 min infusion at the decided dose. Oral bioavailibility is very poor and probably very high doses are needed to produce an effect. This could indeed be dangerous.

Thus i assume you used the standard infusion technique. Was your dose in the range of 15 to 20 mg/squaremeter?
Howe did you monitor your progress, quant hbsag is hard to come by in the US.
Or did you already achieve a pos quant surface antibody titer? After what time of treatment?
How did you try to prevent bells palsy from ocurring?
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extremely interesting, is birinapant available to buy for research purpose like we were discussing for rep9ac?

i guess we need to know how many infected cells we have in the liver otherwise we risk liver failure.is hbsag less than 1000 iu/ml enough to confirm little quant of cells are infected?or biopsy needed?

also any way to prevent sides effects by supplements, maybe vit d3 or other to protect from neurological sides effects?

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how did you get birinapant?how did you choose dose?

why use entecavir instead of tenofovir?is this because etv might have less toxicity?

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i see product is available for research at good price
selleckchem looks good price and based in most countries, based also in EU countries

apexbt also good but US based

which one did you use?

did you take supplements to prevent inflammation and Bell's palsy sides effects

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Could you paste full history of your hbv infection ? Especially a data like HBe status, HBsAg quant, hbv dna etc ...
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Sounds very interesting, I just hope this is not one of those spams.

Please inform us with more details it will help a lot of people.
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for all the members to keep in mind:

Birinapant is nothing to use out of researchers monitoring, it makes infected cells commit suicide, if most of the liver is infected you may lose your liver and dye

if it is true this drug can clear hbsag fast this must be done under research monitoring for the great dangers.it must be assured the number of infected cells in the liver is low, a researcher can safely monitor all this (not a simple doctor), there is great danger for Bell's palsy to happen

so this is very interesting as a discussion but we need a research setting for this to be used as a cure
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Agree with Stef.
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thats just an advertisement for investors on a non scientific website, the study was on mice, normal mice,not those with human livers.mouse liver dont allow hbv replication because cells dont have receptor for hbv.....so the article is a lie.this said the drug could clear hbv infection but you need weekly hbsag quant to see if the infection is clearing, all other tests are totally useless for this
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these are the studies

so we need to find the right dose of birinapant able to clear or lower hbsag without Bell's palsy side effect and possibly best antiviral between etv or tdf and finally if no high level of hbsab an immune modulator like zadaxin or similar.to understand this we need hbsag quant weekly
Hello stef2011 do you have time to discuss this further more were can i reach you? thank you in advance
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good luck!  
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Since danielflo does not respond, my guess is that the following scenario happened: She started entecavir, obtained birinapant, took a small dose orally together with the entecavir and was monitoring the viral load. Since it came down really fast, she assumed that the brinapant played an important role in that and thats why she posted here.

Frequent hbsag testing is indeed necessary and most importantly the initial conditions that warrant a trial like this to proceed without overly active liver apoptosis must be determined and met. The concept of a hbsag below 1000 as an indicator of a sufficient small percentage of infected liver cells is probably a good one. In the first tetralogic trial they used only vl negative patients on antivirals , with the assumption that these will have a sufficiently small number of infected cells remaining. they also used the concept of slowly upwards titrating the dose of birinapant so as to avoid any catastrophic events in a human trial.
There are rumors that they did not find an effect on hbsag as strong as they hoped and increased the dose accordingly to rapidly, running in the Bells  palsy trap in too many patients  that terminated the trial.

Truly sadly nothing officially was ever reported from the considerable experience that they must nevertheless have accumulated during the several month of the ongoing human trial.

The human cancer trials with the same substance give a good estimate on the dose and propensity for bells palsy. Doses over 20 mg per squaremeter are very problematic.
Bells  palsy from birinapant is nevertheless not the same as the spontaneous bells palsy. It is basically a symptom, not a disease entity, with various etiologies and accordingly vastly different prognosis and outcome. From limited experience, a daily dose of 1000 microgram parenteral
,Methylcobalamin seems to permanently keep the bells palsy from occurring in a setting of 15 mg/squm.
Furthermore, the apoptosis effect on HBV infected cells in humans seem to be much less pronounced and slowly accumulating.
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Do you think they will restart a trial next year as they annonuced or it was just the information to keep investors calm ? That trial as I remember will be on people not on antivirals and they gonna increase birinapant dose slowly.
So do they know how to prevent bells palsy using Methylcobalamin ?
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The new announced  trial seems a bit strange. Why switch to India,  instead of using the expertise now available in Australia.  Also the proposed dosing is ridiculously low this time, so it might take forever to see any effect. It might be that they are trying to approach the danger of fulminant lysis by sneaking the drug in so the effect is definitely gradual. I do not know if they understand the potency of preventing the palsy with high dose metylcobalamin.
By designing a trial like this in a suboptimal fashion, they could in fact discredit a drug that has indeed huge potential to be the final crowning stone in an optimized combo therapy to hbsag seroconvert even advanced immunadapted cases.
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Mistyped methylcobalamin.
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Hello Guys

Am really sorry but, i have a tight schedule and have been travelling. I promise to reply when i get a chance with details. I hope you guys understand.

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ok thank you. we will be waiting to hear your more detailed info as soon as possible.
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Well, actually I have my doubts.
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Me too i have my doubts as well
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danielflo you need to provide really strong evidence (photos of tests etc..) to make us believe it's not a fake. Some strange people visit that forum as well so we have to be suspicious.
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guys let's wait danielflo with patience i tried to reach him/her kind of very informative & very helpful on the process.
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There might be the possibility that a metabolite, isomer or substituted compound of birinapant might be the right substance to cure hbv rather than native birinapant itself. This is still a matter of research and so should be let it go its way and wait for results. Living a life with any palsy/disabilty is tougher than living with hbv safely.
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Why do Birinapant want to run a sub optimal trial ?
when there is other competitors who cant seem to get the final part in order ie sustained meaningful results.

Where as if they colaberated with each other the chances of success would be far higher no? What would the chances of them colaberating reslistically be though?

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what about PM?
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