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H pylori DNA in the liver associated with hep B virus, pancreatic carcinoma...

Detection of Helicobacter pylori DNA in the liver was independently associated with hepatitis B virus/hepatitis C virus, pancreatic carcinoma and a cytokine ...

What do you think about these people?
I myself have diagnosed having H Pylori, doctors say about antibiotics but obviously they are supposed to be harmful for liver. Do you have experience with this? How did you cure?
Have you been  checked against H Pylori?


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i had it and cleared it by antibiotics when i was cirrhotic without knowing that yet, very easy, no sides

it is not a good friend to keep in the gut so many gut diseases can come from it
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taking less than 5000-10.000iu daily of vit d3 is useless and also not testing vitd25oh and intact pth after few months on it makes more damage than good
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I had it done last week at labcorp.  If you want to be tested, you cannot take any heart burn medication or pepto bismol type of medication for two weeks prior to the test. You cannot eat or drink anything before the test and of course as any blood work, no eating or drinking after midnight.  You blow into a little bag, like the ones that now baby food comes in, then you drink this drink through a straw, fifteen minutes, then you blow in the bag again.  If you have it, I think you take a series of pills for a week or two.  Comes in this box.  My wife got it done and guess was positive because she got the box of pills.  They come in daily packets.  I got mine done two days ago.  I think it's more related to preventing stomach cancer, and not directly related to liver cancer.
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hpylori is a very common pathogen infesting a large fraction of the population and basically is symptomless apart some flatulence and acidity symptoms occur. It is not uncommon to have hpylori infection and if detected one must take the full course of antibiotics for 10-14 days and get rid of it. Antibiotics used for this course of time wont make any significant damage to the liver which can be said as some big irrepairable loss. Hence, better do the treatment if u ere not an advanced liver disease patient. Finding Hpylori in liver is something strange as it needs an acidic enviornmment to flourish hence found in stomuch, while liver provides slightly basic enviornment due to the bile salts and enzymes it secretes. Cant say about its integration with hbv but can will say again to get treated for h pylori.
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