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HBSAG Elisa and HBSAG quantitative differences

Hi please help.
HBV DNA decreases with out treatment but all other tests are normal with the exception of decreasing AFP. It’s 12 now down from 20 and no medications taken.

1-HBSAG quantitative is >1000
2- HBSAG Elisa decreases from 97.5 to 78.
Which is which? What is difference between HBSAG quantitative and HBSAG Elisa?. Please help me differentiate the two.
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Hi guys. Please help me out here with the above
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I think you need to look at the unit of the values. My HBsAg quantitative values are in IU/ml, this is the value that is useful for monitoring disease progression. There are other units as well, S/CO and COI, both of these are not quantitative but qualitative; meaning values about a cut off, no matter how high is positive, any below is negative.

Other's might chime in if I am incorrect on this.
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