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Has Anyone ever tried OZONE Theraphy

Has anyone ever tried ozone theraphy, did a lot of study around it and thinking of writing a thesis about its effects, just want to know if anybody has ever tried it with any significant results
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First time to hear about it.  Please share what you know.
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I am contempleting on it. I read  some great stuff about  Ozone therapy and i think it will work wonders.
Considering the fact that  virus do  not suvive in an Ozone enviroment makes want  to  trial.
Home used Ozone water treatment products are designed not produce more than specified ozone gas into your water, that is if you decide on ozone water therapy.
Others include ozone sleeping bags and ozone infussing into your system. With these two you will need to consult your doctor.
Ozone can be deadly if badly applied.
Anyway this is my next goal after my next blood work in a few weeks . That is if my cocktail does not lower my vl further than it did.
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Fascinating!  Please keep us updated of your research and progress.

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Gary Null, radio talk show host on Progressive Radio News Network advocates intravenous ozone therapy for 3-4 mins, dandelions and 4 shots of reduced glutothione 5 ccs for the treatment of viral hepatitis.

But I haven't heard any testimonials to prove the efficacy of these treatments, only his proclamations.
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"The Use Of Ozone In Medicine"

1987 Classic medical ozone textbook published by Karl F. Haug,  Heidelberg, by Professor Siegfried Rilling, M.D. and Renate  Viebahn, Ph.D, co-authors.



Including: "Abscess, Acne, AIDS, Allergies, Anal Fissure,  Antiviral effect, Cerebral sclerosis, Circulatory disturbances,  Cirrhosis of the liver, Menopause, Constipation, Cystitis,  Bedsores, Dermatology, Fistulae, Funguses, Furunculosis,  Gangrene, Gastroenterology, Gerontology, Hepatitis, Herpes, High  Cholesterol, Colitis, Neurology, Dental Medicine, Tumors,  Cancer, Orthopedics, Osteomyelitis, Parkinson's, Rheumatism,  Proctology, Gynecology, Radiology, Raynaud's disease, Scars,  Inflammation of the vertebrae, Stomatitis, Joint dystrophy,  Surgery, Phlebitis, Open sores, Urology, Vascular surgery, Wound  Healing."

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Scientists have studied ozone therapy for the following health problems:

Cardiovascular disease
There is a small study using ozone therapy (specifically autohemotherapy) in patients with a history of heart attack, reporting a decrease in levels of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein ("bad" cholesterol). However, this study was not well designed. Further scientific research is needed before a conclusion can be drawn.
Laboratory studies show that HIV may be sensitive to ozone, but high-quality studies in humans are lacking. One study showed that ozone therapy may be safe to use in HIV-infected people, but it may not have any effect on HIV infection.
Very few studies have shown ozone therapy to be effective treatment for arteriosclerosis. More research is needed in this area.
Although ozone may inhibit the growth of human cancer cells in culture, no human studies have supported the use of ozone in cancer therapy.
Complications after transurethral resection of prostatic adenoma (complications after prostate surgery)
Ozone therapy may reduce the amount of inflammation following prostate surgery. However, very few studies have shown ozone to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent.
Dental infections
Ozone therapy may be antiseptic and prevent some infections. However, there is not enough evidence to show that ozone therapy can prevent post-surgical dental infections or bacterial infections that cause tooth decay.
Ozone therapy has been used to treat complications related to diabetes, such as diabetic foot. However, there is not enough evidence to show that ozone therapy can treat or prevent complications in diabetic patients.
Ear disorders
Very few studies have examined ozone therapy as a treatment for ear disorders, such as infections of the middle or inner ear. More research is needed before ozone therapy can be considered an effective treatment for ear disorders.
Helicobacter pylori infections
Ozone therapy has been used to treat H. pylori infections, which are known to cause peptic ulcers, gastritis, and duodenitis. However, very few studies have shown ozone therapy to be an effective treatment for H. pylori infections.  
Fungal infections
Ozone therapy may have antiseptic and prevent some infections. However, there is not enough evidence to show that ozone therapy can prevent fungal infections.
One study suggests that ozone therapy may be useful in treating lipomas (deposits of fat under the skin). Further research is needed.  
Oral herpes
Ozone therapy may have antiseptic and prevent some infections. However, there is not enough evidence to show that ozone therapy can prevent oral herpes infections (cold sores).
Lumbar sciatic pain
One study suggested that ozone therapy may relieve lumbar sciatic pain. However, there is not enough research showing that ozone therapy is an acceptable alternative to standard treatments for sciatic pain.
Very little research has shown ozone therapy to be an effective treatment for peritonitis, or the inflammation of the membranes that line the abdominal cavity.
Radiation injuries
Among the many side effects of radiation treatment, hematuria (blood in the urine) may be treated with ozone therapy. However, there are no studies that show ozone therapy to be an effective treatment for hematuria.
Skin inflammation
Ozone therapy may relieve inflammation of the skin, though there is not enough evidence to support this use of ozone therapy.

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