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Rise of lipids with Vemlidy

I am posting this because some readers may find this article interesting or maybe even helpful.
It mentions some controversial side effects of Vemlidy. Renal and bone density risks are less with Vemlidy, but not lipids.  

Gilead's clinical trial experience information seems to support that as compared to Viread, with Vemlidy increases in LDL and triglycerides were experienced (see Table 3). Apparently with Viread, individuals experienced positive lipid side effects (decreased LDL and triglycerides).

"Very common (10% or more): Elevated fasting cholesterol (up to 22%), elevated triglycerides (up to 11%), hypophosphatemia
Common (1% to 10%): Elevated fasting triglycerides, anorexia, elevated serum glucose/hyperglycemia, elevated alkaline phosphatase"
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Thats banking on the fact the subjects actually fasted "pre" the blood being taken lol
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I went the opposite. Once I switched to Vemlidy, all my stuff started to stabalize as I saw a decrease in my high numbers. I suspect the drug continues to work for me, but I guess more testing needs to occur to assure it's safe and watch this over the years.
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