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Russian scientists developing innovative hepatitis B drug

Has any have more details or can extract the full article from:


I was been able to access it once for some strange reason but now it asks me to subscribe, and the article basically stated that no such drug currently exists and it's based on crisper cas 9 and that's trials are going to to start soon and drug will come out in 2-3 years, and that it will cure both chronic and non chronic hbv. Also it mentioned the name of one of the Russian institutes that develop it that's considered one of the most prestigious one.

Let me know what do you think or if you got more info.

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Ok good info. Fingers crossed
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Was able to extract the full article:

Russian scientists developing innovative hepatitis B drug

Russian scientists are working on the development of an innovative drug against hepatitis B that can be considered as a breakthrough in the global market for such drugs, according to scientists and experts of the Russian Ministry of Health, reports The Pharma Letter’s local correspondent.

It is reported the new drug should be officially launched in the market during the next two to three years. It will have anthebility to destroy the virus inside the liver cells and to treat even chronic forms of the disease. Pre-clinical trials of the drug will begin in 2019.

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, currently there are no such drugs in the world, while the existing range of global drugmakers specializing on the production of such drugs, is limited by only medicines that suppress the virus, not completely removing it from patient’s body. According to state data, currently more than 250 million people worldwide suffer from chronic hepatitis B. Of these, 3 million live in Russia.

According to some Russian media reports, the development of the drug was conducted by the Russian Central Research Institute of Epidemiology (CRIOE), one of Russia’s leading research institutions in the field of pharmaceuticals, with the support of the Russian Science Foundation.

Vladimir Chulanov, head of the CRIOE’s scientific consultative clinic-diagnostic center, the new drug works in two ways: destroying the DNA of the virus directly, and with the further activation of the natural antiviral mechanisms of the organism.

Mr Chulanov comments: “The processes underlying the development of a viral infection are primarily related to the functioning of the viral genome. If we destroy the genome of the virus we will cure the patient. Until recently, the target destruction of the virus genome has been technically impracticable. The effect of our new drug is based on new types of high-profile CRISPR / Cas9 systems.”

The form in which the new drug will be produced has not yet been determined. According to scientists, the drug will be either be in the form of tablets (as against hepatitis C) or as a vaccine.
When a drug is developed wouldn't take like 15 years to be on the market? I mean, in the first place should be tested on animals and after that on a small group of people and so on...

I'm pretty skeptical that this russian drug exist. Otherwise will be a huge news subject.
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that would come handy :)
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In 2014-15 we used to think something will come in market for sure by 2020. But now it seems everything was an illusion.
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In 2016 I start tdf do 14 month's after that I stop taking it without Dr consultation, yesterday I revived all results of my blood test,now my Alt is 16 Ast19 DNA 167iui and hbsag 45,it's totally strange, I was worried bcoz my nose bleeding but everything is fine I m not using any supplements only running 6 to 7km daily.hoping I will clear hang soon ,I stop taking tdf in 2017 April.
Happy for you. What are your results  before tdf treatment? How long have you been with hbv?
before treatment Dna was 3000iu hbsag 2000iu Alt 29.
dna 167 after 14 months of tdf is worrisome. it should be 0 but hbsag 45 is excellent
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