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Suggest for Trials (stef2011)

My Recent fibroscan result is 6.9 (f2 ) . Two years ago it was 6.1 ( f0-f1 ). Doctor inform me about phase 2 trial of a drug Immunofan http://www.bio.net/mm/immuno/1994-July/001614.html . Please suggest me what should i do ?
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Hi, I don't understand the recent interpretations of results below 7Kpa as F2.
Also make sure you haven't eaten the day of Fibroscan, I forgot and the results are biased.

That medicine you posted refers to 1994 year... try looking at www.clinicaltrials.gov
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It's 6.9 nearest to 7 (approx) so can say F2. I am waiting for stef2011 comments.
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the only things known to work are:
tdf or etv for 3-5years and then peginterferon add-on
rep9ac plus nuc plus peginterferon

both regimens have a percentage of failure to clear hbsag so i would not waste time on anything else which has no trials and no percentages of hbsag clearance/failiure
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I think calebz has given you excellent advice. I think you should fast at least 4 hours before a Fibroscan test. Check with your doctor again, the Immunofan trial was in 1994, so I don't think the drug or trial existed anymore.
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Dr. said it's safely used in russia and safe dose, they inject it for army it's an immune modulator which boosts the immune so that immune antibodies attack on virus. Also it's widely used in different part of world. But trials are limited, so before approval here, they would like phase - 2 here.

Stephen I have fast around 4-5 hours then did the test.  
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I will discuss with him about Rep9AC in next visit.
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there are no trials for it, go for sequential combo nucs/peg, are you already on antivirals?
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