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trial on vitamin D on hbv therapy

trial on interferon or nuc+vitamin D supplement as immune booster

vitamin D is taken 3 months before therapy start and minimum level at start 32ng/ml

i have already started taking vit D supplements because of severe deficency and since my positive experience i do suggest supplementation (no bone pains anymmore, no colds or flu are the first signs i saw)
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Thanks for sharing.
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5 Vitamin Truths and Lies

Are you still relying on vitamins to keep you healthy?

Rest here:

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some news, results on this trial ?
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i am on too many things to say anyway hbsag is going down and cirrhosis is gone, definitely not vitamin d alone result but:

cirrhosis gone:
gcmaf frist of all
vit d
vitamins and diet

hbsag lowering
vit d

combinations can be much more potent than sigle attempts
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single attempts
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as to the trial, no info.when the trials are not done for patented drugs (to steal money from patients), the trials get no info updates, they never start, the get canceled without any good reason...all as usual where there is money (or where there is loss of money for drug makers) corruption and disinformation reigns...

The recruitment status of this study is unknown because the information has not been verified recently.
Verified March 2010 by Ziv Hospital.
Recruitment status was  Recruiting
Ziv Hospital
Information provided by:
Ziv Hospital
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steff many members of group may want to try your gcmaf and imiquimod therapy , please make some light and details on this.
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