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post treatment side effects

What longterm side effects after treatment is anyone experiencing?
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I was never the same again, so says the missus...
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72 weeks of (old school) treatment got me SVR* and 100% SSI disability for life!

At least the nurse for the University of Pittsburgh Liver Center Guru, again, the nurse apologized by saying "Sorry. We destroyed your life" over and over again... "Sorry. We destroyed your life"!... "Sorry. We destroyed your life"! One of the more honest humans in that cattle call.

*I hate using *cure since we all know there is no cure for a virus!
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But it is a cure if it stops virus replication isn't it?
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7 mos post tx and im still not the same...doubt i ever will be, and i have to treat again at some point.  
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brain fog
rash pops back up when it wants
short term memory gone
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I'm about 9 weeks post treatment(48 weeks/triple therapy Incivek/riba/interferon) and haven't noticed any lingering side effects. I also treated unsuccessfully with Interferon/riba in 2000, but didn't notice any lingering effects then, either.

Hopefully, when these newer direct acting antiviral, interferon-free, treatments come out in the next year or two, this issue about long term Interferon side effects will disappear completely. The antiviral drug Sofosbuvir looks very promising from what I've seen on postings here at Medhelp.
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