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12 wk results-- CONCERN Over Big changes with Thyroid labs

In wk 13 of tx, have rec'd all 12 wk labs w/exception of VL... see Dr. next week.   Several areas of concern, Results are as follows:
                                          WBC 1.9 L       3.8-10.8 thou
                                           RBC  2.73L     3.8-5.10 mill
                                           HGB 9.9 L      11.7-15.5g/dL
                                           HCT  28.9L     35.0-45.0%
                                           PLT  55 L        140-400 thou/uL
                                           ANC 806L        1500-7800 cells/uL
                                          Creatine 0.87    0.60-1.10 mg/dL
                                           Bil,Tot 0.8        0.2-1.2 mg/dL
                                           AST  88 H
                                           ALT  58 H
                                       **  TSH 48.93 H     0.40-4.50  @8wks 3.24, mid 3rd wk <0.01 L
                                            Cardiologist  explained that <0.01 thryoid was actually overworking to produce TSH.
                                            Explained my symptoms closely related to panic attack.  He and Internist agreed that
                                            dosage should be reduced, and that Thyroid screenings should include T3, Total and T4, FREE. These didn't get run for wk 12,  Nurse called, STOP Armour, See Endocronologist. So More labs on Mon., then to DRs.

NY Girl has really been helpful on the thyroid issues assoc'd with tx...very confusing to me, as the meaning of these results appears to be opposite of what the labs reveal.   I have been on Armour Thyroid for years for Hypo/low thyroidism.  Have I now gone into HYPER mode or will I not know conclusively until the other thyroid tests come in? My BP has been up and I have been symptomic of taking too much thyroid med.

JmJm expressed difficulty get thyroid stabilized, I believe, esp. with Armour thyroid.  

Thank you for you input..or helpful articles.

Blessings to all,
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The platelet numbers look kinda low.  Do you know what your starting platelet numbers were?
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Here is a link that explains hyper thyroid. You can also google hypo, hyper thyroid for more information.  It appears you have switched over.

You will need to get your levels monitored more closely until your thyroid has reached the correct level.  When your medicine is adjusted it takes two to three weeks for it to take affect. Ideally, have it checked monthly until its within normal range.
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Opps I forgot to add the link.  here it is:


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A TSH of .01 is definitely hyperthyroid.  It's not uncommon for thyroid issues on treatment to first show up as hyperthyroid and then swing back to hypothyroid.  

Your treatment team is on the right track to tell you to stop meds for hypothyroid since that isn't your situation at the moment.  And yes, you need those T3 and T4 tests.  They'll potentially put you on meds for the hyperthyroid until it settles down and goes back hypothyroid again.  

Interesting to compare being hyperthyroid to a panic attack.  Everything tends to be in overdrive.  For me, it was a feeling almost of exhilaration, I compare it to feeling like being a jet plane zooming up the runway for take off.  Not exactly comfortable but a nice change to the fatigue except could barely sleep.

I'm glad your medical team is testing you and keeping an eye on your levels and scaling back on your hypothyroid meds.  Hang in there and good luck.

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