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Coming up on 5 years SVR, how is everybody doing?

Hi there.For years, I was on this site constantly, fighting HepC with every imaginable treatment. I lost count on how many I did, I think around 12? Finally, after 20 years, I got the cure. I am coming up on 5 years SVR in 10 days. It is hard to believe how fast the time went by. My liver doctor really rarely follows me anymore. He only has me get a fibroscan every 1-2 years and just has the staff call me with the results. I hope everyone is doing well.
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Hi Susan!

I finished my final hep C treatment in May 2015 so I guess I’m 8 years cured now. I had hep c for probably 37 years by then and was diagnosed with cirrhosis  7 years before I was cured.

I was having ultrasounds every 6 months but a couple of years ago they saw something on my scan suspicious for liver cancer so I’ve been getting CT scans every 6 months now. Thankfully so far no indication of cancerous changes so it looks like I’m ok so far. I have blood testing every 7 months also and see my liver doc once a year.I also have upper endoscopies every other year as I have a history of esophageal varicies but haven’t had any reoccurrence since 2012.

My Fibroscans still indicate F4 cirrhosis. But my platelet counts are getting close to normal every year and my AFP is now also in normal range.

Nice to hear from you happy to hear your still kickin. :-)

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