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BCAA for protein supplimentation

I use BCAAs because they bypass the liver and are heavily involved in Muscle Protein Synthesis.

However, there is additional information about BCAAs and how they might stave off Cirrhosis. this paper is by the people that sell BCAAs.

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Interesting. I have seen similar information about BCAAs. Have you tried various different products? What exactly is in the ones you take? e.g. L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, other synergistic substances?
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If you read the article it says nothing about "stave off Cirrhosis". The study referenced in the article is about "622 Japanese patients with decompensated cirrhosis". They already have advanced cirrhosis otherwise known as End-Stage Liver Disease. The study's very name states what is about  "Overweight and obesity increase the risk for liver cancer in patients with liver cirrhosis and long-term oral supplementation with branched-chain amino acid granules inhibits liver carcinogenesis in heavier patients with liver cirrhosis".

The study only applied to decompensated patients with low albumin and that were over weight (BMI >25). There is no data as far as the claims of future use for cirrhotic patients over the past 5 years since this study was done at least in the U.S which has a very different population and diet then the one in this study.

It would be appreciated if you studied the actual report results before posting your personal opinion of what the study actually says. There is already too much "opinion" being posted with no data to support it on this forum.

Thank you.
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Just wanted to start a fire. Warms thing. You are correct about the study. But I don't feel any regrets posting it.
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I use BCAAs because they are alleged to bypass the liver when building muscle.
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That's what I was interested in - that they bypass the liver when building muscle.

I did try them years ago s they are recommended for recovery after strenuous exercise. I didn't really notice any benefit - but I am not so sure I had the best quality product at the time. A lot less fit now so I might try them again after a bit more investigation to see if they are right for me and which products are best.
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This forum is for people to discuss hepatitis C, its diagnosis, treatment and cure  and the affects of this illness on people's daily lives.

If you want to discuss amino acids, building muscle, exercise, weight lifting or their poultry & swine feed. I would suggest you use an appropriate forum to do so.

You misrepresented a study as something to do with "stave off Cirrhosis" which it didn't and then posted an advertisement for Japan's largest manufacturer and marketer of processed food (including MSG which they say is good for you), seasonings, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition (animal feed). I don't think they need the exposure.

I think this forum has enough ads as it is without people posting their favorite company products that have nothing to do with hepatitis C.

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