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Boceprevir Half Life

Does anyone got any idea how long it takes for BOC to leave the body,i know it take RIBA 6 months.I got a fuuny feeling googling this question will show nothing as the BOC is such a new drug.
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My trial doc said riba left pretty quickly when I went in a week after EOT for a rash.  Sid it couldn't be the riba (and it wasn't).  When I was stopped for a few days, I began to feel better (hgb coming up) after about 4 days.  Interferon leaves fairly soon, too, after you miss the first shot but it has such a dramatic effect on systems that its effects can take 6 months to straighten out again.  Don't freak out about any lasting IFN effects till you get by the 6 mo. mark.

I agree with you that we probably won't get an idea about boceprevir remaining in the blood until it goes on the market.  Schering probably has a good idea but won't publish till later.  By then it won't matter to those of us who stopped the meds.
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Merck took over Schring
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A brief history of MDMA
MDMA [3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine: 'Ecstasy'] was first1 synthesized in 1912 by the German pharmaceutical company Merck.

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MDA was patented by drug company SmithKline French for use as a tranquilliser (1960) and appetite-inhibitor (1961). SmithKline were interested in MDA's potential as an antidepressant and a slimming-drug. In 1958 human trials were conducted; unfortunately the compound was to prove too psychedelic for licensed clinical use. But MDA was popular as "the love drug" in the counterculture of the 1960s.
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"Does anyone got any idea how long it takes for BOC to leave the body"

It depends of what degree of hepatic impairment you have.

After ONE single 400mg dose of Boceprevir, for those with....

Mild hepatic impairment, half life was  5.04 hours.
Moderate hepatic impairment, half life was  4.77 hours.
Severe hepatic impairment, half life was  6.51 hours.


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Looks like i am BOC free then,i know one thing,i can feel a big difference now ive stop the drugs...my mind is quicker and my muscles dont get tired,i was tired on the drugs and didnt even know because i so used to it...i just went for another montian bike ride as i was flying like a jet
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