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Bone cold pain.

Does anyone feel pain to the bone when cold? I live in CA and its not that cold here and I'll be freezing when others are not. It is extremely uncomfortable and I can hardly stand up straight. My hands are the worst but I feel it down to my spine. I do have a Thyroid problem and RA factor but I am wondering if Hep C has anything to do with it?
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As other members suggest:Investigating the clinical implications may be worth while.

In my case it wouldn't. According to my thyroid levels I should be hot most of the time and dislike it.

I live in southwest Texas. I hate cold weather and my joints love humidity. It was 74 degrees outside with 64 % humidity today (November 11) and I still wore sweats and a thermal top. I grew up in an Alpine environment where below freezing temps are the norm. The constant cold feeling on the HCV meds is different.

In my case, the discomfort starts from the inside..from core to tissue to muscle. My stomach tightens, hands and feet are cold and my body stiffens.  

Believe it or not, I have found that a good sweat (like from a workout, not sitting in a hot bath)  and drinking A LOT of water helps minimize most of the discomfort.
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I had it rough last winter with deep achiness, mainly in the joints as well as numbness and tingling in my extremities. It seem to lift by exercising more and disappeared altogether this summer. However, I just tested positive for cryoglobulins, as copyman mentioned, so I may be in for a repeat performance this winter, especially since I live in Minnesota.
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have you been checked for cryoglobulinemia. This is one of the extra hepatic manafiestions that can come along with HCV. Google that and see if your symptoms match. Good luck
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I used to take a hot tub almost everyday to warm my bones and get moving esp. before running. Now that I am on TX I have not been able to use the hot tub because of my dry skin and Riba Rash. The colder weather has exacerbated some of my joint pain/stiffness and of course body temp. regulation.
My dear sweet husband scrubbed the tub and filled it up w/fresh water and no chemicals.
I went into it 2x's yesterday and was itching like crazy last PM. I guess just the heat got it going. Anyone else experience that? I am debating going in it today because I am so stiff and sore. That Riba rash drives me crazy though.
I am seeing an Endocrinologist for my Thyroid now that is all over the map. I have at least 5 different dose's that I flip back and forth with according to my labs.
I can't believe we are complaining about being cold in CA. I'd slap myself if I had the energy.
I hope you feel better try soaking in a hot bath.
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I have the same problem! I am up right now because my shins especially, my knees, and my feet and hand bones are hurting because I am cold. I live in So California as well and should not be feeling this cold. I also have a Thyroid problem so my guess is our thyroid must have something to do with it, I'm just wondering how to fix the problem. I have multiple layers on, but the pain does not seem to go away. What do you do for the pain?
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